To all intake 20 who will be graduating on the 19th of May, 2007, I was just informed this afternoon that the convocation will be postponed to the 21st of May, that’s on Monday. Reasons unknown.

This is the second time I’m disappointed with ITB. First, the delay of the MRS. Now, it’s our graduation. Seriously? Seriously?! I know I was very much looking forward to it, and I know the rest of my classmates were too. Now we have to get over the weekend. Imagine graduation night will be on a working night. Woo, happy, happy, joy, joy. Sarcastic much?

But never mind. At least I’m going to be able to make it for one of my duties.


9 responses to “Sigh

  1. sudah jua MRS suck now convo pun suck.. malang2 our intake ani.. Uwwaaa.. i feel u woman.. keke

  2. Awu.. sigh. Too bad ah. I was looking forward to it soooo much.

  3. Meh~ Malang kitorang, malang lagi aku… Masuk workshop kereta gara2 kan convo esoknya. T________T

  4. Kesian.. sabar saja, ada hikmah disebaliknya tu.. ;P

  5. Heard it was due to some royal function held there on the same day.

  6. Is it? Hmm.. I wonder what people are going to talk about early this morning~

  7. Kesian you guys, anyway hope you had a good graduation tadi morning.

  8. The royal function is held in Malaysia… One of the raja there is getting married. Damn! All this for a wedding ceremony~ -.-“

  9. SoulJah, awu, kesian ah? Haha. But we had a blast yesterday AM. Thanks! :)

    Eff, ohh, I heard about that Malaysian royal function.. Oh well. It has happened.

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