I cannot get this song off my mind either. If I were to have a playlist of two songs, it’ll be this and Beyonce’s Listen. This one’s Joe’s If I Was Your Man, by the by. I have it as my message tone every time I get a text. I have it as a YouTube video on my Friendster profile. I put it on on repeat before I go take a shower so that when I’m done, I’ll be greeted by Joe’s voice, or the song’s beats.


It is quite addictive. Or maybe just me.

Anyway. Just finished a show about less than an hour ago, and I had fun. Another one of my firsts in this line of work, and I have to say, it was a lot of fun and laughter. Especially the foot being the exact same measurement as the length between your wrist and elbow. Try it. You’re bound to be amazed. I was. Embarrassingly, I was, because I had this look on my face. Aaron said it was priceless, and I choose to believe him.

[Warning: American Idol 6 spoiler ahead. Just in the next paragraph. You can skip to the next one, it’ll be free from spoilers. Hee.]

Looking further back before my graveyard shift, I watched American Idol tonight. Who would’ve thought, right? All this time I thought Maroon 5 is brilliant when performing live. I was wrong. Hahaha, okay, I’m kidding. I’m a bit surprised by the outcome, but from now on, I’m officially a Blaker girl. Like I mentioned to a friend, I wouldn’t mind a Jordin win.

Played netball with the girl friends in the afternoon, and I was a bit tired after that. I hadn’t played in ages. Three weeks, me thinks? Pictures soon, but not now.

Graduation rehearsals were yesterday and the day before, and I have pictures of those as well. But again, not now. I’m exhausted. Need. Rest.

Thanks for reading! :D


6 responses to “Today

  1. 3 weeks is not ages.. 3 years mebe.. hehe… Yeayea.. isok convo.. cant wait!!!! Make up tabal2 tina! lyk mis sophiana said… byk2 bichu.. hahaha

  2. Serial Blog Commenter

    Idol sucks bad this year so I’m not too concerned with it anymore. Chris who? Lakisha what? Melinda when?

    Meanwhile, update me ya.. u know what about :P

  3. I’m thrilled Blake gets to be in the finals. Melinda is fabulous, but I’m sure she doesn’t need to prove anything else to the audience. She is all set for a career.

  4. Sel, three weeks is three years in netball years! Hahaha, alasan. I haven’t played in a long time, in my language, it means I haven’t done any exercise in the same amount of time! LOL.

    YEAY! ESOK CONVO! Inda ku mau makeup tabal, karang aku inda comfortable. And you know how I am when I’m not comfy, I’d whine the morning away. Haha.

    SBC, I’M A BLAKER GIRL, I WANT BLAKE TO WIN! (Nothing against a Jordin win, like I said.) Nanti I update, let me just get my graduation done and over with, hehehe.

    Shanobyl, me too! I was hoping that Blake was going to make it in the finale rather than Melinda, and he did! When I first found out about the results, I was reading it online, using my phone, in the ICC hall, during my graduation rehearsal. I really wished I could jump for joy. Haha. Melinda shows no good personality that can sell/appeal to me.

  5. I. Am. Amazed. Or just sakai haha. Oh I love Blake. But I don’t mind if Jordin wins ’cause she kind of deserves it more somehow. Nyeh.

    Have fun on your graduation! :D

  6. Hahaha, it measured up, didn’t it?

    And it’d be nice if Blake was to win.

    Thanks, by the way!

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