Graduation rehearsals are in.. oh God. It’s tomorrow. I didn’t realize that. I was too busy fixing the kain to my National costume (baju kurong bah eh) to wear underneath my graduation robe. I’m so scared I’ll trip over it or something. Paranoia can get to me like nothing else does.

I also had to trudge up to ITB this afternoon to change the initial (rented) robe I had taken home for another smaller one. Apparently, I looked like a pumpkin. I have a feeling the said initial robe belonged to this guy, but I might be wrong. Heehee. ;) My defense is that Ms. Wida and I didn’t have a big enough mirror to properly look at myself. LOL.

I didn’t know graduating was a lot of work. And I’ve got to wake up early tomorrow for the first rehearsal.

You see, I haven’t got really good stuff to post about. Not even pictures. I’m just a blogger who’s suffering from mild insomnia. No, it’s no longer 28 Weeks Later, I’ve finally gotten that out of my mind after just one sleepless night. It’s just.. me, acting up. I really need sleep.

Oh. There were some interestingly controversial things happening this morning, afternoon and early evening, which finally ended (for good?) tonight. Some things were definitely uncalled for, but that’s just me.



9 responses to “Untitled

  1. I wish di sini ada rehearsal for graduation as well. I’m so scared I’d trip over my robe or slip or something horrible. :S

  2. Serial Blog Commenter

    Are you sure that ‘some’ things were ‘definitely’ uncalled for? Hehe… what controversy? Share lah. Share, share, share.

    Tell tell tell.

    I hate it when people act all like Ms. World with their peace speech and all and act like a total wuss. I guess underneath that manly exterior lies a fugly little GIRL!


  3. Whoa… How would you know it was mine? I put my name on my robe, but nowhere did I put my site URL… Hmm…

  4. I think u’re excited about graduating dats probably u can’t sleep.. dats usually happen to me if sumthing big about to happen.. I haven’t tried my grad robe yet. mebe i shud try it tonite or sumthing… Cyu tomoro tina. ps bawa yr camera (aku mau liat) and harddisk to copy GA(grey’s anatomy) and heroes or sumthing.. hehe.. can’t wait

    SoulJah, u shud’ve put yr url.. hehe

  5. LOL. During my gradutaion, not only was I worried I’ll fall trip on stage, but I was also worried about falling as I go down the stairs. Don’t worry Tina, I’m sure things will go smoothly! :)

  6. Dee, awu ah.. I never saw the pros of the rehearsal. Although it’s not the objective of the school, but it’s our personal objectives: trying to master the walk down the stage without falling. Good luck with your graduation soon! ;)

    SBC, there was one thing that was uncalled for, the part where someone else’s name was mentioned. I thought that was going a bit too far.

    Hahaha, don’t be mean. :P

    SoulJah, your name was on your robe? Haha, when I first took it from Ms. Wida, she wrote your name on the list, and I just assumed it was you. Hehe. ;)

    Sel, awu bah ah.. Maybe that’s it. I can’t wait to see you tomorrow! (The others too!)

    Shanobyl, oh no. You’ve added one more thing to my worries! LOL. But thanks! :)

  7. Good luck on the convo babe… have lots n lots of fun!

  8. congratulations babe!!!…. *hugs n kisses*

  9. Ka Ety, thanks! Why was your blog invites-only the other day? :P

    Rosie, thanks!

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