28 Weeks Later

Don’t know how long this post will be, but I know it will be picture-less because I’m lazy. Hey, I just woke up from a two-hour sleep, okay? Give me a break.

Anyway. Let’s snap out of that and get into happy mode.

Two nights ago, I brought my cousins Liz, Qil, Siti, and my sister, to a Japanese dinner at Excapade. We didn’t quite have a good start, the people from outside our room was loud, and there were a lot of heads, so I didn’t bother a head-count just for a blog post. (Ugh, happy mode still not kicking in.)

We ate a lot for five people, and we were adventurous that night; we tried new dishes and absolutely loved it. Besides the fact that I think one of the waiters was hitting on me, we had loads of fun. And then my cousins decided to surprise me with a birthday cake! Okay, I know this might sound a bit sad (or a lot), but nobody’s ever gone to the extent of getting me a cake and surprise me. I told my cousins this and they were in disbelief, but I guess no one remembers my birthday that way. But it made me speechless and uttered gazillions of wows and ohmigods and thankyous.

It was a nice thing that they did. Apparently they wanted to surprise me on the day itself, but my two other cousins couldn’t make it to my house when Liz and her parents made a house call on my birthday itself.

So that was two nights ago. Last night, I caught 28 Weeks Later with my cousins as well, but this time it was just me, Siti, and three of my male cousins. It was a gooooood movie. It was a !@#$ed up movie, though, because I kept on shrieking my way throughout the somewhat scary parts. That’s what’s making me lose a little bit of sleep, I’m so scared of the rage virus. LOL. But I think it was a brilliant movie. It made me want to watch the first installment, 28 Days Later. But we’ll have to see if I actually get the DVD of the said movie.

Did I say it was good? If I had to give a score of some sort, I’d say it was 4 out of 5. Or 8.5 out of 10. Something like that. There were a few other things that bothered me, like how the father didn’t attack the son when he spotted him, or how ridiculous it is for them to leave the mother all alone like that. But all in all, I think there’d be 28 Months Later, you think? Hahahaha.

Funny things happened before we sat down in the cinema. Like how we were supposed to catch the 3.50PM show, and we were all just in time to buy tickets at 3.50 itself! Then there were no seats left except for the ones right up front, so we decided to catch the next show, at 7.40PM. Then a few of us couldn’t make it, so there were four of us left, then we bumped into another male cousin of ours who just finished watching Spiderman 3 earlier. I don’t know, I guess it’s just one of those things that you just had to be there. Is there a name for that? It’s so long to type “you just had to be there to know”, or some silly thing like that.

Okay, so.. since I couldn’t get proper sleep, I have been pondering on a few issues at hand. I was thinking what would have happened if things were to turn out differently, if I didn’t have such a stupid mouth.. if things were just not the way they are right now. It’s been years since I’ve been thinking like this, because I’m not one to really think about things I can’t change. Stupid movie. Made me deep.


I’m going to head downstairs and get myself something to eat, and make my mom’s eyes go wide as saucers as to why I’m up so very early. Or maybe not, she knows I was scared out of my wits after watching that movie. I was really paranoid. I mean, I don’t know where the virus comes from — there’s probably an explanation in 28 Days Later, which I don’t know because I haven’t watched it — thus.. I. Am. Paranoid.

Don’t get me wrong, I still loved the movie.


6 responses to “28 Weeks Later

  1. Serial Blog Commenter

    I’m going to check the credit of the movie to see if you’re one of the paid staff or sumthin coz you KEEP mentioning about it. I was like, oh… let’s count and then it was like… nah, lost count.

    One of the waiters was hitting on you? For real? Dude needs glasses ASAP.

    I’m going to tune in the radio this evening. Coz it’s the best.


  2. Yea, it was free and all, and the stupid thing is, I forgot to credit! Hahaha, kidding. Mana ada, siuk bah the movie, a definite adrenaline rush. It might be a little of the style lama type, but it’s good ‘ol adrenaline rush.

    Hahahaha, yes, he does need those glasses, might help me out a bit too.

    Go la, go tune in. ;)

  3. I skimmed through this post in case there were any spoilers, but I thought 28 Days Later was a bit weak. The trailer for 28 Weeks Later looked good though, so I’m hoping I won’t be disappointed (yes, I know you rated it 4/5, but my taste in movies seem to be different from everyone else’s these days, which is very annoying).

    Glad you had a nice birthday. :)

  4. Oh man, I missed your birthday. But I did wish you in advance, right?

    Anyway, happy belated birthday! I’m going to read how great it went now. Hehe. ;)

  5. I wasn’t planning to watch 28 weeks later, despite the fact that I did watch 28 days later. I think it’s all very typical :P

  6. Dee, oh yea. Sorry, I forgot that there might be a possibility of spoilers in the post, hence the lack of warning. Sorry! But I think there are none. Heehee. I want to watch 28 Days Ago, but the usual place where I get my old DVD movies from didn’t have it. Pfft. (Thanks, I did have a nice one indeed. :))

    War, it’s okay. Haha. Thanks. :D

    Shanobyl, I guess I wasn’t a big fan of thrillers before, but I am now. I realize they’re a lot different than horror. So I’m into thrillers like Saw 1, 2, and 3, and 28 Weeks Later, because I’m not that exposed to thrillers much. Haha. Lame excuse, I know, but it works for me. ;)

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