.. was one of my favourite days of the year where I can get away with almost everything, but pay for it today or the days to come. It’s the day when I add 1 to my age.. It’s May 9th! Who can’t love May 9th? It rolls off the tongue nicely too. Anyway. I’ve got real nice people who texted in just after midnight, and people who made posts for me (love you!), and post up some birthday wishes in a certain Yahoo! group and some plans to embarrass me by singing a birthday song on convocation rehearsal. Haha.

I also received an e-mail from me in the past (thanks to I forgotten I had sent it.. It sounds really ridiculous now. Haha. I’m tempted to share it, but.. hmm. Maybe not. :P

I’ve only got a few presents this year, but somehow they meant a lot. Maybe it’s because they came from the people who means a lot to me. Liz came over with her parents last night, and gave me a bag of goodies, and it’s really sweet. Heehee. Malu ku.

And the number of people who remembered was overwhelming. My friend from STPRI, whom I thought had completely forgotten about me, texted me, asking me if I remembered her! and said happy birthday. Even SBC came up with a nice rhyme. Thank you! :)

I’d like to thank everyone who e-mailed, who left comments in my weblog, my Friendster and everywhere else, and everyone who texted me after midnight and before the day ended.

I am now officially 22.


9 responses to “Yesterday..

  1. Serial Blog Commenter

    Awu deh, special day kali ah

    even though my creative juices weren’t flowing but I figured that I try.

    glad you had a great day!

    bila tah kahwin? kekeke

  2. Kawin?? Haha.. awu eh.. u better kawin here Tina… if jauh2 inda kami teraga tu… Can’t wait for convo… Hehe

  3. SBC, awu lah special day! I WAS BORN ON THAT DAY! Hahaha. Anyway, kawin? Nantitah I send you the invites. Alum sampai kah? Darn. I shouldn’t have relied on posting them. :P

    Sel, ehhh.. behapa ku kan kawin jauh2.. Kamu mesti datang pun even though jauh, hahaha. Convo is in a week! (Or so.) YEAY!

  4. I knew I forgot something! I kept thinking.. may 9th.. may 9th.. it’s someone’s birthday wah.. sapa ah.. RUPANYA KAU!!!! Hahaha.. sorry eh.. happy belated birthdayyyyy sorry for the very late greet!

  5. Happy belated besday….

    have fun convo ah… If only dapat menyamak ke ICC… kan ke besh… huhu

  6. Happy belated Birthday Tina! (:

  7. Atul, haha, s’okay. Thank you! :)

    NieCha, lating, haha, jangantah. Karang ko ketawakan kami in our robes. ;)

    Livie, thanks! :)

  8. Sorry if this comes late.. HAPPY 22th BIRTHDAY!
    A smooth sailing year ahead and God bless!

  9. Thanks Wangs! The 22nd year of my life will be a great one, I can tell! ;)

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