Trip to KB

Yesterday, I drove my whole family down to KB for my dad’s review at the Suri Seri Begawan hospital, give or take two weeks after his surgery. It was my first time driving there the whole way down and back, and it was a pretty weird experience. It’s a much shorter distance when you’re the driver and a heck of a long one when you’re the passenger. So this time, I’m going to have to drive down to KB to save myself from getting all irritated from the long trip.

As you can probably tell, I’m not big fan of traveling, but I would definitely love it if someone came up with teleportation! Goodbye long flights and road trips [insert mode of transport of choice] and hello London In A Second! That’d be great, wouldn’t it? :)

So I’ve got pictures to share, along with descriptions, which I’ll try to make them brief.

001Our first stop was Seria. My dad had to file a police statement, and all of us had a little bit of trouble finding the police station. At first, I had completely forgotten that I am now an owner of a proper camera, thus I’d also forgotten to ask my sister to snap a few things here and there. Then we went past the nodding donkey, and I thought to myself who in the world goes down to KB once in every few years does not take a picture of the nodding donkey?! (Okay, maybe it’s just me.) Anyway, my sister had the chance to take one, and the picture is like so. Remember, click to enlarge! LOL. I don’t have to teach you that. I wouldn’t want to make my readers feel as if they’re incompetent. ;)

GoonsSo we finally found the police station, and our parents asked us to stay in the car. We were tired as it was, so we were glad to oblige, really. The thing was, we were bored, and we messed around, took pictures, marveled at the fact that there were flying pigeons, and… well, messed around like goons. The picture on the right was not the only result of our boredom, we made videos, too. One of which, is below. (I don’t know if I should warn you, but.. oh well. Maybe not.)

003Besides the self-inflicted eye poking activity in the car, there was another funny incident as well. When I was taking the next picture (left), I was in a weird position for a driver to be in in the car (I did tell you my sister and I acted like goons), and.. a police officer was knocking on the window while I was doing so. I was so insanely embarrassed, that I sat up immediately and my hair was all over the place. I didn’t even roll the window down, he was gesturing towards the front entrance of the station and I was all, “Huh? What is he saying, Jim?” (Jim’s my sister’s name.) And then I finally got it, he asked for me to drive the car down to the entrance because my dad was done, and they didn’t want him to be walking his way down to the parking space. And remember, the windows of the car were still up. They were never down, and I never knew what exactly was the officer said. LOL. We were still laughing to ourselves when my parents boarded the car. (Oh! And you can see a reflection of my camera. Pfft. So much for photography. Haha.)

Okay, so apparently, yesterday was the off day of the officer who was in charge of taking down my dad’s statement! And the other officers couldn’t do this, as they told my parents. (Does anyone have an answer as to why this is so?) So we just went on to drive down to the hospital in KB. We worked our way in and finally sat down and waited for my dad to be called.

My sister and I, as usual, being the playful goons that we are (SBC, how are you with the word count? ;)), played around with the letters that were up on the wall and on the numbers. We tried to figure out what SOPD had meant, and dad had stressed that it was “Surgical Out Patient Department.” We then shut up because we had another interesting game to play, which was to come up with things that start with SOPD. Like.. Western boys’ names would be Simon, Oliver, Paul and David. Something like that. It’s interesting what a person of my age can act like when in the presence of a 10-year-old. LOL.

Dad was more serious, and said aloud, “Why didn’t they arrange the BDAC to ABCD?” Yea. I know. We wanted to continue with the letters that make up “KELUAR”, but dad was called in and I was tired of the game. Hehe.

After my dad was done (he was given another two weeks’ leave), my sister and my mother had went on to buy food at the Koperasi thingy. My dad and I waited for them, and I was baffled as to what this word means, and how to pronounce it.

The top most word.

Kind of thinking it’s something to do with nose, throat and bones? I don’t know. I’m a systems analyst, not a medical student. :P

Anyway. We went on with our day, and stopped by my aunt’s house. Her house is always cool, because her air-conditioners are on 24-7. So we rested for a bit, well, my parents did, and I switched the TV on to E!. My aunt and uncle was off to work, so I had the TV all to myself. Got so bored, so I took a few shots of inanimate objects again!

Before this post get too long, I’ll better stop here. There are three random pictures left, so click away.

008 009 005

So goodbye for now! :D


13 responses to “Trip to KB

  1. Everyone jadi Hiro Nakamura (Heroes), can teleport… He’s so adorable…

    Lawa gambar nya.. Now everyone are envy.. Hehe.. Happy Birthday btw :)

  2. Heehee, “Hi, I’m Hiro Nakamura, and I’m from the future.” LOL. I love that line. Laju lagi “Nakamura” nya tu. Hahaha.

    Thanks, Sel! :D

  3. Happy Birthday dear~!

  4. Happy Birthday girl :)

  5. here comes the know-it-all:

    orthorhinolaryngology is quite simplY: HEAD AND NECK

    HAHAHAHAHA, I CANT BELIEVE I ACTUALLY KNOW THAT. i guess volunteering for the UBD Institute of Medicine does transfer you the “smart”


  6. Happy Birthday!

  7. Eh?Liat nya sudah Heroes… Did u watch d latest 1??? U shud watch!!! SIOK! So many cool pewers and i want all.. esp Micah’s, aku mau kaya.. or Edin, power of persuation, imagine what ppl do for u… Wah! aku mau semua eh.. hehe

  8. Happy belated birthday! :)

    I wish for teleportation to be actualized too! :P

  9. Nonnie, thank you! :)

    Maurina, ahhh hahahaha, yatah sudah tu. Awu! It was my birthday two days ago! :P

    Mal, thanks! xx.

    Sel, aku liat singan yang ada atu saja.. Other than that alum bah. Haha. Kalau power of persuasion siuk jua tu kan.. I want that saja. Hahahaha.

    Shanobyl, thanks, dearie! :) Teleportation is a dream far, far away~ Hehe.

  10. Tina~~~ haha. drive ke KB? siuk jua tue.. nanti ke belait lagi, singgah ke rumahku. huhu…

  11. Darkness Light

    Ooo… I See The Giant Kettle In Jalan Pandan 5. hehe

  12. NieCha, awu, siuk jua lah. Kan singgah ke rumahmu? Kalau ada my parents barutah kana suruh tu~ But we’ll see how it goes. Hehe.

    Darkness Light, haha, it’s definitely one of a kind here in our country.

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