Snapping turtle

Yesterday, Hamizah (pictured left) went to have lunch and go for a movie with Zawanah (pictured right) and I, in conjunction with her birthday on the 1st. So I’d like to say, a big, HAPPY 22ND BIRTHDAY! to Miss Hamizah. :D

Mizah and Wanah; both May babies!

We had lunch at Millenium, and had the buffet, while we talked our way through it. We were full before we even got to the dessert table, so we upped and left for The Mall, in Gadong, to catch Spiderman 3. What can I say about the movie? It was too long for me, not duration-wise, but more in a sense that it was dragging and Zawanah and I were anticipating for the end. I don’t know about Hamizah, because she was busy with something else.

As usual, a few of the movie-goers were acting up and laughing loudly until nearly everyone shushed them at one point, which, I have to say, worked miracles; they stopped! LOL.

Anyway. Had fun as always, but I had work last night. My first Nite Tune of my service to Radio Brunei. I was extremely nervous at first. I usually just use my sandals to work, but I had my sneakers on, just so I could keep my feet warm because they were cold from my state of nervousness.

I don’t know why I was nervous.. I’m guessing that it’s my first air time with Aaron, and it’s my first twin broadcast (KB studio with BSB studio), and it’s my.. first Nite Tune? I don’t know. I was really nervous. Frequent bathroom breaks in between too, only God knows. LOL.

However, the night went better than I expected. The flow of conversation was excellent, and I enjoyed myself. I’ve been told that there were positive feedback, and it made me beam the whole day today, and it seems that things are looking up for me at the moment.

Going to have a long trip to KB tomorrow, dad’s having some check-up thing. No idea why they have to check on him in KB when we live in Brunei-Muara. But, anyway, I had mistaken it for today, thus telling one of my colleagues that I couldn’t man the interactive studio. Oops.

All righty, I will post again soon, inshaAllah. Maybe from my trip to KB? Who knows? The DSC-T50 knows no bounds. :)

P.S.: Sorry, this post had nothing to do with turtles. Haha.


5 responses to “Snapping turtle

  1. Serial Blog Commenter

    Awu eh, where’s the turtles???

    Sounds great. Good to hear that you had a great time and your first Nite-Tunes (mentioned only about 62 times throughout the post) went well.

    But wait for the most important review. That is the one that matters the most. You know who I’m talking about ;)

  2. apakan turtles ani? sikit ku lagi tesindir hhewewhehw

  3. SBC, up someone’s behind. I shoved them there. LOL. Did I mention it 62 times? Darn, I was aiming for 65, must’ve counted wrong. :P

    That review is important, but it’s only going to motivate me to do better, just in case it’s really horrible. Which, you can expect from someone like that. Hahaha.

    Ka Zian, turtles bah.. Snapping turtles. Hehe. Aku atu menyindir SBC. :P

  4. Serial Blog Commenter


    Since you’ve shoved those comments to someplace where the sun ain’t shining, guess there’s no point for me to tell you what the actual review is then.

    I keed, I keed. It’s not like I know what the review is jua.

    It’s so typical of you to not be able to ge that right. I mean, you aimed for 65 yet only mentioned it 62 times. What a disappointment. TYPICAL! :P

    I’m sure that ‘someone like that’ won’t make that sort of error.

    I keed, I keed.

  5. Hahahaha, it’s not anywhere near you, don’t worry. But you haaaave to tell me if there is such a review, okay? :P

    Awu lahh.. “Someone like that” is perfect kali aaahh. Heh.

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