It’s a new day

.. and a picture post! I’ve been snapping pictures of inanimate objects around the house and at Liz’s and at her brother’s shop. LOL.

My life support. :P

Liz’s phone.

Yes, I win medals too.

My sister’s moving hands, in Liz’s room.

My laptop keyboard.

My hair, taken by Qil.

My Nokia N90, on my bed.

Colourful beads.

All in all, I am loving my Sony Cyber-shot DSC-T50! Yesterday’s angst have gone to sheer annoyance. Hahaha. So all is good. Thanks for the support that came in the form of comments! xx.


10 responses to “It’s a new day

  1. Nice photos! Yeah yeah. with the new camera, we’ll be seeing more pictures in Tina’s blog!

    Btw, your hair looks really long now.

  2. Hahaha, yes indeedy, you will!

    Yes, I didn’t realize it looks like that from behind. Hee.

  3. Aisehmen siuk camera baru ani eh hehe. ;) Yay, more pictures after this. :D

  4. Got ur new camera already..wohoo~~ hey, take a pic of ur new camera and post it here too k..hehe..i wanna see :p :p nice pixs girl… syiok eh rasanya :)

  5. hahahaha GO MACRO SHOTS!

  6. Macro shots are alot of fun, right? :P

  7. aku suka your hair!!! hehe

  8. War, awu, siuk ada camera! I never had one in my life, and I’m having fun! Heehee. InshaAllah, ada more pictures than I usually do. Hehe.

    Marilyn, yes! :D I’ll take a picture of it soon.. I haven’t got around to doing that yet, actually. Hehe.

    Maurina, and Shanobyl, Macro is the way to go! LOL.

    Nees, thanks! :) I like me hair too. Hehehe, apakan?

  9. Really cool camera!~

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