Think positive!

So, I’m thinking.. I can’t let this** bring me down. May is a good month! I will (and always will) think positive!

  1. One of my closest and well-trusted friends is coming home to Brunei for good! Come to think of it, most of my girl friends are coming home for good this year!
  2. I finally got my Sony DSC-T50 that I’ve always wanted! Yes, in advance!
  3. My birthday is coming up soon!
  4. I’m graduating! And with great pictures to boot!
  5. I have the most wonderful soul mate. :)
  6. That said, he teaches me card tricks, thus I am halfway to being a mediocre magician that only does card tricks.
  7. I have a lot of real friends who love me, care for me, and are always there for me; and all they have are people who are intimidated by them, thus don’t have real friends.

Thanks, SBC and Ka Zian, for the nice comments.

See, it doesn’t take a lot of comments to cheer me up, only from those who matter. :)

** I’m sparing you more than half of the contents in my mind at the moment because I’m not that big with rants.


I’m grasping on a lot of things that will cheer me up. Here’s a chat log with a friend whom I haven’t chatted with, or talked to, in ages. Readers, meet Meng.

Tina says:
im not bitchy.. right? aku mana bitchy kan meng?

kLuaNgMeNg™ says:
Nda eh

kLuaNgMeNg™ says:
Out tu f ko bitchy

kLuaNgMeNg™ says:
Nda suit u hehe

Thanks. :)

And meet my Korean friend! :D

izzah. says:
dont worry bnykkan sabar. God will always be there for you

izzah. says:
and im here for you too!

Tina says:
i know

Tina says:

Tina says:
thanks, zah

izzah. says:
no worries tins.. !! i seldom see you here yatah ku happy hari ani!!!

Thank you to you too, Zah. :D Mwah! Here’s a plug.


11 responses to “Think positive!

  1. positive thinking is something most of us lack. it’s good to remind yourself that life’s too wonderful to complain ;)

  2. Serial Blog Commenter


    I’m glad to hear that you’re feeling better. Heck, you even got your camera in advance.

    Listen, as I said to you earlier, we’re both in the same boat. In choppy, precarious waters. And on top of that, we might even capsize. But, at least we’re in it together.

    May will be a good month. Just you wait. I’ve already pulled some cards out of my sleeve since it looks like we’re going to have to play rough.

    Oh well. They were warned.


  3. Yeayyyy… Im coming home soon. Hehehe. *huggssss*

  4. La Flor, I don’t think it’s lacking in most people, I think people just rather avoid thinking positive because they’re scared of disappointment after doing so. You know, sometimes they think life’s wonderful, and then they are crushed when they find out that it isn’t so much. But as for me, so many positive things are going on, and I’d rather focus on them rather than the sole negative thing coming in from people who don’t like me. I’ve got many people who have my back, so why bother with less than a handful of people who don’t even know me, right? Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment! :)

    SBC, thanks. I was going to post about getting my digital camera in advanced and how excited I was, but after how the evening turned out, I didn’t even have the mood. Maybe later today, or tomorrow.

    Thanks for listening to me rant on and on about it, though. I can be really selfish when I’m upset. Hehe. And I’m glad we’re both in the same boat. The difference is, they’re too intimidated by you to push you around, whereas I’m just too easy to be pushed around! Haha. But, yea, I’m glad, because you sure can kick ass. Hahahaha.

    May is already a good month. I’m going to make it the best one of the year. As always. Haha. I can’t wait to see their faces.

    Mal, yeay! Then we can hang out like the old times! Only now, we’re older and we can drive ourselves to wherever!! Hehehe.

  5. Who wouldn’t like u, tina? you’re one of the most lovable and fun person to be with… Clearly dat person didn’t noe u… :)

    When u say u’re easily get pushed around, i felt the same way tooo.. uwawawa… neway, get your spirit up gurl… ada yr dream camera kali ahh… misti pose giler punya.. does it have dat optical zoom mcm c-mia punya? if u have dat? dat wud be so cool.. Cheer up k :)

  6. Awwwww!! Thanks, Sel! HUGS!!

    I think the camera has optical zoom, pasalnya sama macam Mia’s camera if I zoom in and take a shot, hehehe.

  7. glad u’re back to normal :)

    i think i have an inkling who u’re pissed at.. hehe..

  8. Feeling much better now, Ka Zian. Back to my bitter self now too, haha, but all is good.

    I’ll be telling you all about who it is when I see you, inshaAllah. I miss your sarcasm, ka!! Hehe.

  9. yeay! kana plugged. skali what do i do? advertise myself? haha. Thanks love..will see you soon. xoxo.

  10. Tina.. ko ganya tu dapat drive wherever. Aku jadi passenger saja. Hehehhee.

  11. Zah, now you go to the counter on the next floor, and you can redeem points. Tell them MY7THLIFE.NET sent you. Hahaha. Can’t wait to see you here!

    Mal, awu ahh.. Bah, now that you’re coming back for good, might as well get your driver’s license! Wuhoo!

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