Happy 50th Anniversary, Radio Brunei

May 2nd, 2007 marks the 50th anniversary of Radio Brunei. I was in the Pilihan office and on-air studio 4 last night, tying knots of such things that now dangle from the studio ceiling. (Sorry, no pictures, but maybe soon.) Today, colleagues of mine, and myself, gathered around the studio while Frankie went on air.

We had one of the most amazing callers, that had announced what Pilihan meant for her. I don’t remember what the whole thing was exactly, but she did mention that we were the number 1 radio station, live on national radio. EAT THAT! Well, it was really fantastic of her to say it, and much more when she mentioned it the second time, when Frankie decided to record it. Thankfully, he works the controls fast, I didn’t even realize he was recording it. LOL.

His Royal Highness the Crown Prince was there to officiate the whole thing, and when he did, Pilihan Network (Your Ultimate Choice) is now known as Pilihan FM (Simply Your Choice). It’s going to take a while to get used to the new catchphrase. Especially after two years of announcing “Pilihan Network.”

Anyway, HRH Crown Prince dropped by Pilihan’s studio, after he did Nur-Islam’s, and we were all panicking at what to answer. It was a hilarious thing for us to act like that, in retrospect. But it was cool.

I didn’t like the whole waking up early thing. I’m so used to having lie-ins. Sigh.

Moving on to a different topic; the last post. It’s password protected, and I’m not giving away the password. It’s something personal, and it just makes me feel better that I let it publish on the Internet without allowing anyone to read. It’s a personal thing that I do. I usually write it down on a piece of paper and keep it in a box somewhere, but I’ve gotten too lazy to write. But really, don’t mind the content of the post, it’s not worthy of your attention, even.

Oh, the birthday digital camera.. it won’t be pink. Wrong information was told, and false hope was given to poor ‘ol me. LOL. I’m going to have to settle with the silver one then. Going to have to learn to be common. Not that it’s hard to do, I’ve always been my whole life. HAHA.

I missed the initial satellite broadcast of American Idol. I’m going to catch it in 15 minutes, I will update again, inshaAllah.


4 responses to “Happy 50th Anniversary, Radio Brunei

  1. Serial Blog Commenter


    Sounds like fun! Awesome. So it’s like another one of those deejays session then. Aww, you guys are so great together.

    American Idol – do I even care who wins at this stage? Most probably not. Word on the street is that Lakisha and Chris are going to be shown the door later.

    A digital camera is a digital camera is a digital camera lah. Who cares if it’s green or red or blue or pink. Besides, you’re special enough not to require the pink one :D

    Yes, I can be over the top sometimes. Haha

  2. That’s a very good camera you are getting. I have the T-10. Your pretty much have the same features, except it will have a GPS function. :)

    Enjoy :)

  3. hehehe ok jua tu tinz warna silver… put pink diamonds (esen esen diamonds lah) on it. lawa tu!!

  4. SBC, hahahaha, you think? :P About AI, just as long as LaKisha doesn’t win, but I’ve shared that view with you already. Hehe.

    Shanobyl, it does! I just delved deeper into the features. Hehe. Thanks! :)

    Faz, nantitah taruh rhinestones, hahaha.

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