Things haven’t gone well in one of the aspects of my life at the moment. I’m demotivated and bummed out at how things are turning out for May. (I know, in my last post, I was pretty much ecstatic and looking forward to it.)

But I know what keeps me looking forward to May.


I’m getting the one in pink because black is sold out, red is the limited edition, thus costs a lot more than the original, and silver is too common. Three out of four of the most important people in my life said I should get the one in pink. And the one who suggested silver changed her mind to pink as well. So.. pink it is. :)

Good things to look forward to, birthday gifts. Makes things called problems fade in the background for a few moments.


8 responses to “Pink!

  1. Serial Blog Commenter

    So when do you want me to pose for you?

    Just give a holler, ya (omg – I sound like someone we know!!!)

  2. Are you being mean again? Stop it! LOL.

    And puhlease, I don’t talk to “models” directly. Do you even have an agent? Pfft.

  3. Pink.. lawa jua.. hehe.. can’t wait to see it nanti

  4. Kenapa ah it’s hard to find pictures of the pink one? I only saw it last week and I fell in love with it tapinya Cybershot ku masih baik so there’s no excuse to buy a new one. Nyeh. Biar tia ko saja kana balikan hehe. *jealous* ;P

  5. Serial Blog Commenter

    BOOOOOOO, password protected???

    You suck! Better give me password or else I will pose for you in shorts thereby exposing my extremely sexy legs which might cause you to foam at the mouth.

    I’m not being mean jua. You have a new camera. You need to take pictures. Call me to model. Think of me as a hunkier version of Nigel Barker. LoL :P

    If the pictures turn out to be good, I’ll use them for my portfolio and credit goes to you! Think lah…. like d’uh!


  6. Sel, inda jadi pink! :(

    War, that’s because I was wrongly informed! LOL. There is no pink one as far as I know. But I’m just getting the silver one for now, teehee.

    SBC, yea! I’m not giving anyone the password, hehe.

    And you’re only thinking of if the pictures turn out good, but if they don’t? Nahhhhh.. think lah! :P

  7. Eh aku pun confused lah tu hehe. Which series yang ku nampak pink di Huaho atu ah? Hmm.

  8. Entah ah, my friend cakap ada jua yang pink. :S

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