‘Cos y’know.. I’m like that.

Before I go on as usual on my abandoned-for-four-days blog, let me just wish a good friend of mine, Amalina;



I know I texted you already at midnight, Brunei time, but you’re just one of my greatest people I know. Hope you have only the good things, the great things, and the best of things. May all the happiest things happen to you, especially the first class degree, and come home soon, we miss you! 22! I’ll join the club in.. 11 days! (Oh, and may you have many more birthdays!)

Oh, also to Miss Saleha, whom I haven’t talked to in yonks, HAPPY 22ND BIRTHDAY, SWEETY!! :D

All right, shifting back the attention to this blog, there’s a new feature that brings you to random posts by clicking here! (Or you can look over the left sidebar, that enables you to become one of the adventurous! Exciting! Not.

So how have I been? (Thanks for asking. Harumph!) To those who have either met up with me, or called me up, they’d know I’ve been under the weather for around a week now. I can walk and talk fine, but I’m a little manja to those who I’m very, very close to. Coughing a little uncontrollably, which is irritating, especially when I’m on air. There was this one time when I was entertaining a call off the air, I coughed like mad and had forgotten to put the call on hold, and let the caller listen to the hacking. Hahaha.

One other thing that happened at work while I was at work, was when I was having one of my dizzy bouts, and I announced completely different things. It was weird, but I think people would understand. Right?

Other than that, my birthday is coming up soon, and so are my closest friends’ birthdays. A chunk of my closest friends’ birthdays are on April and May, and it started with Saleha’s. Hamizah’s is up next, turning 22 as well, on the 1st of May! Mine is after that, of course, ahem ahem. Then Zawanah on the 11th, then Salwana on the 12th! Yippee! We’re all turning 22! :D

That’s not all, though. I have family members who turn a year older in May. And I can tell you, there are more than two handfuls! (Meriah jua May ani ah? May babies rock! :D)

My mom ran out of ideas on what to get me for my birthday this year, and she asked if I wanted B$500 cash. I said I’ll think about it. Then I told her I’ve always wanted the Sony DSC-T50 digital camera. So that’s what I’m getting! :D My dad? Well, we already made a deal that I won’t be getting any birthday gifts for five years because I got a laptop three years ago when I first started ITB. I’ll be getting another gift when I turn 24, inshaAllah. :)

So I’m happy I’m finally getting something that I really want. I’m going to have to cross that off my list of birthday things that I have never received. Hehe. I have this one other nagging birthday thing that I’ve always wanted, but feel too pathetic to actually tell someone about it. Hahaha. I’ll have to have thick skin to actually tell anyone about it, so no, I won’t be opening my mouth any time soon.

The month of May is also a month of new things (besides getting brand new age numbers.) I’ll be doing Nite Tune shows every Saturdays, with Pilihan’s own Aaron. I’ll only be co-presenter, so it’s really no biggie, but I like the idea of doing Nite Tune. It’s the only one show that I haven’t done in my two years of service. (Aiseh, service konon.)

Oh! Also in May, I’ll be graduating with my mates from ITB. Very, very excited about this, especially. I collected my rented robe from Ms. Wida earlier this morning, and also my leaving certificate. It’s all very exhilirating!! Eek!

Enough about the month of May, and this post too, because it’s getting a bit too long for my liking. I will update again soon, inshaAllah. Maybe it’ll be less than four days this time, yea? :)

P.S.: Aunty, I know how to cook. A bit. ;)


8 responses to “‘Cos y’know.. I’m like that.

  1. Tinaaaaaaaaaaaaa Thank you the very very veryyyy much. Your one of the bestest bestest friend of mine as well. *huggggsss* Amin with everything Aminnnn. :D I’ll be home soon and we’ll have the time to jalan2 and hang out. You’ll be joining the 22nd club soon. Yeayyy!! No more 21. Hehehe. You take care there and send my regards to your family. :D

  2. Hi Tina, congrats in graduating. What course u took? When Jared’s coming to Brunei, I’ll try to rmber and holla at my blog k!

  3. Can I have a laptop on my 24th birthday too? :P

  4. Ooh new camera. Bisai awal kana gitau present nya hehe. ;P Happy advanced! :D

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  6. Mal, you’re welcome! :D

    Sherry, my course was BDTVEC HND in Information Systems. When Jared Leto comes to Brunei, tell him I loved him in their video of The Kill!! Heehee.

    Sha, yes, but you’re paying. Hehehehe. ;)

    War, awu! Bagi idea sikit arah my mom. LOL. She asked jua, so yea. :D (P.S.: Thanks!)

  7. Dapat gambar pakai camera baru ni time graduation nanti.. hehe.. dah siap baju puteh???

  8. AWU! Hehehe, baju putih alum siap, it’ll be done by the 10th, inshaAllah. :)

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