It says 278

Phew. What a day. It hasn’t been a hectic one, but it was a boring one. You know, so boring that it tires you? Yea, that type.

I was at the roundtable forum (thingy) by Total in partnership with Asia Inc Forum. To be precise, I was at the projector room, recording the whole thing for work. Since I’ve finished school and I’m not doing anything (and the genius in me notified the boss about it), I was asked to observe the recording. I misplaced — a good alternative for lost — the schedule that my boss had provided me with, but I remembered that it started at around 8AM.

I didn’t want to be late and have trouble with parking, so I departed at quarter past 7AM. Thinking, “Oh no, what about the traffic around schools?” I zoomed my way there, and the parking spaces at the back and sides of the International Convention Centre were empty. I thought, “Did I get the date or time wrong? Where on earth is everyone?” Except for the parking spaces directly opposite the ICC’s entrance, everywhere else was empty. So I parked at the front of the entrance, and made my way to the Dewan Muzakarah.

I asked an usherette where the RTB OB crew were, and she said they hadn’t made their way in yet. Now that I think about it, I think they thought I was talking about the RTB staff that was going to attend the forum. Anyway. So I was waiting and waiting, and I saw one of the OB crew, a woman I wasn’t totally familiar with, but have seen at almost all Pilihan Network’s outside broadcast.

I approached her and asked where we were supposed to be. She showed me to the projector room upstairs and we were completely at isolation from the forum. No one can even hear us. Perfect, I thought.

Then I found out from the lady who was going to record the whole thing with me that the event started at 9AM!! I completely wasted an hour of sleep that I really needed (feeling under the weather today, that’s why.) So she and I sat in this dark, tiny, carpeted room, with space only for one table and two chairs at 8.30 in the bloody morning, and dozed off for 20 minutes.

At around 10 minutes before the event started, I awoke and so did the lady. It’s funny now, in retrospect. Anyway.. the thing stretched on and on until 12.35PM with a small coffee break in between and I bored myself to death. My mobile phone battery ran flat halfway through the event, so I had to stop playing card games on it. There was barely anyone there, really.

I’m somewhat thankful that I was at the ICC early because if I had arrived a minute later, I wouldn’t know where the lady from the OB crew would be stationed, and I would miss the welcoming remarks and the keynote address in the first half hour of the event. LOL.

That was how my morning went. After midday, I napped and made myself feel a little bit worse.

A few moments ago, I was helping my cousins prepare for the birthday BBQ at Liz’s. Which is where I’m currently staying. My dad’s going to be discharged on Monday, so alhamdulillah for that. Other updates?

I’m more in love with the boyfriend more than ever.


Leave me alone, I’m just being happy.


10 responses to “It says 278

  1. Serial Blog Commenter

    You were there?

    Wow, I was too. Haha.

    Incognito though. Yes, it dragged on. Did you stay for lunch? I had to leave but damn, rugi eh. Free lunch yo!

    I’m in love with your boyfriend too. Don’t ask me why either :P


    p.s. – You really had A LOT of time to kill if you were there by seven-ish. I was there at half past eight and THAT was too long for me!

  2. Serial Blog Commenter


  3. Glad to know your dad’s getting discharged soon. :)

  4. alhamdullilah, all is good there eh. :)

  5. i read about the accident somewhere earlier this week, just found out your dad was involved.. alhamdulilah he’s getting discharged soon.. :)

  6. Being in love is all that matters.
    Everything will looks so much better.

    (ee seh, rhymes lagi!)

  7. SBC, yea, I was. Though I wish I wasn’t. Sigh. Anyway, I somewhat knew you were going to be there because when I asked for RTB staff, you were mentioned! Haha. But she said you weren’t there yet. I did mention that I was early.

    I didn’t stay for lunch, because I had to help my cousins with their BBQ party thing for their friend. I was at the coffee break thing, and I missed out on eclairs!! Ish.

    Don’t you dare take my boyfriend away from me, hahaha. Crazy loon. :P

    War, Faz and R&AL, thank you! All is okay. Slowly creeping back to normalcy. :)

    Nonnie, I know! I love being in love! :D

  8. Serial Blog Commenter

    Hehe, famous kali ah! Buleh.

    I only had a cup of coffee. I hate things like that because most of the time, I can’t stuff my face. It’s like, I have this hungry kid locked up inside me and in an ideal world, he’d be pigging out on the danish pastries and eclairs but being that I have to be polite and entertain, I normally just skip the food session.

    AND I HATE IT! Good food going into someone else’s tummy. Beyotch!

    I’m going to steal all the boyfriends in the world and keep them locked up in a cell somewhere in Fiji. The ugly ones can be left untouched since the girls are probably blind in the first place. Those hunky ones? Gotta go! Tee-hee

  9. Great to hear that ur dad’s going home soon.

    good one SBC, but i’m not! wahahha

  10. SBC, is it? I had to recall who they were referring to, and I thought to myself, “Ohhhh, that guy!” Pikir siapa. LOL.

    Don’t skip on the coffee breaks, they are gooood for you. They add on weight and make you a jolly person. Teehee.

    Jangan bah steal people’s boyfriends, inda baik.. Hunky ones, especially. Jealous bah si SBC ani, bukannya apa. Haha.

    Wangs, he’s home! :D

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