Completely unsure if my hiatus is over, but I think and would like to think it is. I am now back in Bandar because I have work, and my sister has school. I’m currently staying at Liz’s house, and I’m literally living out of a suitcase because I haven’t unpacked yet. My mom called me up yesterday to update me with what’s going on with my dad’s recovery, and he’s doing a lot better than the weekend my sister and I were there.

As for me, I am doing well. After I get my regular dosage of the Internet, that is. When I was at my aunt’s in KB, I couldn’t get the proper dose I usually get every other day. So the first thing I did when I got to Liz’s was latch onto their wireless to no avail. I nearly cried because I was so confident I was going to have a good chat with someone I really needed. The next day, I brought my own wireless router from my house and hooked it onto their router. Now here I am. Blogging happily. Hehe.

I miss my room, though.

And my dad. His birthday is coming soon, and I’m thinking of what to buy him. Should I get him new glasses to replace the pair he lost in the accident or a Manchester United jersey? My mom’s thinking of buying him a new phone, so that’s out of the picture.

But most importantly, what are you people going to buy me for my birthday? It’s coming up 17 days before my dad’s, so.. hmm.

Kidding. Or maybe not. Depends on what you’re thinking of buying me. Hehe.

I’m off to bring Liz out for a haircut. I’ll post a funny video of Liz’s brother singing in her room while playing 7 Diamonds later. xx.


The funniest bit in this video is when he shrugged Liz and I off and continued singing. After watching the video, he finally realized his bad singing. LOL.



7 responses to “Off!

  1. LOL! That guy is funny.

    Well..Your dad will certainly love the jersey, but glasses would be more practical huh?

    I think I’ll pick glasses, since he can wear it all the time and show off to his friends,
    “Ani anakku bagi untuk birthday”

    (Fail attempt, talking like a Malay)

  2. Serial Blog Commenter

    Another layout? So soon? What have we done to deserve this?

    Also, love the fact that you played Fastball’s ‘The Way’ earlier. It’s splendid!

    Glad to see that you’re doing better.

    I’d say get him something more ‘heartfelt’. Like probably spend some time to scrape up a collage or something. Because after this incident, it will make it even more special.

    I know, I’m so damn smart. :P

  3. I agree with Nonnie. He may need the glasses but he’ll love the jersey. That is a big enough gesture I think. :)

    Would you like coffee on your birthday? ;P

  4. So glad your dad is getting better. A jersey will add a personal touch to the gift :)

  5. Hi Tina!!! Its been quite a long time didn’t read your blog.So when i read it,i was so surprised about your dad! Much more,it happened in KB!!! Why don’t you give me a call??I know how u feel at that time. I’ll always be there for you when you need a friend to talk to or you need my help in KB…i’ll try my best to help k! Anyway,im happy to hear that your dad is getting better now…….Cheers~

  6. Just watched the video. Cute c Liz punya bro ah and cali banar. Why you taking my picture? video..then a lil shrug haha. And that is you laughing that I can hear, right? Hehe. ;P

  7. Nonnie, that boy is my cousin. Ha. Anyway, thanks for the suggestion, I think I might be buying both. Hehe. (Can’t picture you speaking in Malay. Hee.)

    SBC, get off my case about the layout la. I’m restricted to using’s layouts, and not the ones I choose (and I never got around to know how to code the WP themes.) Biar kamu sakit kepala with the change of layouts. Nyeh.

    Anyway, my dad’s not the kind to keep collages or mashed up pictures of the rest of us — yes, the rest of us, because he’s not big on taking pictures. So I’ll skip that, even though you’re so damn smart. *cough*

    War, I would love to have coffee! ;) Funny, right? Yes, that was me laughing along with Liz. Hehehe.

    Sha, thank you! :D

    Shim, hello! Been busy kah? Is that why you haven’t been reading? Hehe, kidding. It’s okay lah, I didn’t give you a call pasalnya nanti menyusahkan saja. Thank you for the offer, it’s very nice of you. :) I’ll see you during on convocation! Can’t wait! :D

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