Still on hiatus

An update on what’s happening to my dear dad. According to this article (which I’m going to paste onto this entry later), he suffered minor injuries. He was merely a passenger in one of the three cars.

He was with his friend, on his way back from Kuala Belait, back to Bandar. Another car, a Toyota Kijang, had a tyre puncture while carrying an overload of A4 paper. It collided with the car that my dad was in, and another car from behind had hit them as well.

My dad’s friend, the driver, had suffered a few fractures. A lot of physical injuries. My dad escaped with nothing. Or so everyone thought. After a hard night in the ward of the Suri Seri Begawan hospital, my dad’s suffering from lower abdominal pains. We all thought it was just the impact of the seatbelt he had on during the accident.

Apparently not. To cut a long story short, he underwent operation for two hours at 10 this morning. It’s so hard to see your own father, who rarely gets sick and gets admitted into a hospital, without crying. He went into the O.R. (Grey’s Anatomy is educational after all. ;P), with fear in his eyes.

The surgeons reported to my mom that he had two tears in his small intestine and it wasn’t so damaged that the doctor didn’t have to cut off a part of it. He just had to apply a few stitches, and he was good to go.

He’s now in the Intensive Care Unit, and the last time I saw him, which was barely an hour ago, he was talking about the Manchester United match against Chelsea. I promised him I’ll watch it for him. Anyone have any idea when that match is?

By the way, thank you for your well-wishes. Keep him in your prayers for me, thank you.

Oh, here’s the article.

Three-vehicle collision at Seria bypass
By Liza Mohd

Seria Fire and Rescue personnel at the scene of the accident.

An Indonesian driver lost control of his van along the Seria bypass yesterday morning and caused a three-car collision, which involved two local men and a female driver. The driver was heading to Kuala Belait from Bandar Seri Begawan when he lost control of his vehicle, due to a tyre puncture, and collided with a vehicle from the opposite lane, which led to another rear-end collision with a third vehicle on the same lane.

A local Chinese driver, whose car was run over, suffered head and chest injuries as well as a broken back. He is currently receiving treatment at Suri Seri Begawan Hospital.

Meanwhile, the other two drivers and a passenger, who suffered minor injuries, were also treated at Suri Seri Begawan Hospital.

Seria Fire and Rescue personnel were deployed at the scene, led by Commander Pengiran Rosli bin Pengiran Haji Ahmad.

Police are currently investigating the cause of the accident.


29 responses to “Still on hiatus

  1. I’m glad you’re dad’s ok and everything’s alright…Sorry to hear all this happened..Hugs gal..

  2. Tina, luckily your dad managed to get an op early…hope he’s gonna be ok. Think positive always.

  3. The game between Chelsea and ManU will be played on May 9th 4am. You should be able to watch it with him. ;) It was supposed to be later but it’s been postponed to give way for the FA Cup semi-finals-Man U against Watford and Chelsea against Blackburn. Which team does your dad support?

  4. Your dad will be alright…. *hugs*

  5. Alhamdulliah, I’d say that is good news yes? I hope his friend also comes out alright. –> accident was blogged as well if you wanna read more.

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  7. *hugs* insyaAllah, everything will be fine.

  8. Marilyn, thank you, sweety. *hugs*

    Rrrrrrrr, yes, we were told that too. Once they found out he might have some internal injuries, he was send to the O.R. in less than an hour. It felt like 15 minutes at the time. My aunt told us that if there were any more delay, he could have faced a much more serious problem.

    War, wahey! It’s on my birthday! Haha, I’ll tell him that. I’ll also tell him about the match with Watford. I bet he’ll say, “Eh, manang Manchester tu.” Yea, he’s an avid fan of Manchester United.

    Mal, I hope so. *hugs*

    Tiq, thank you. *hugs*

    Maurina, yes, a bit of good news. Thank you for texting me the other day. It gave me some sort of comfort. Thank you also for writing up that entry. *hugs*

    Dena, thank you. :) *hugs*

  9. alhamdullilah he’s alright. mudahan2 he should be ok ok semua after this, amin. hope you’re ok jua, xoxox !

  10. hey tins… good to know ur dad’s doing ok… hope ur ok too ayght *hugs*

  11. sorry to hear about accident, i am glad that your dad is alright.. i think you should sue the company!

  12. Tinz, sorry to hear about what happened. Hope you’re dad will be fine. *hugs*

  13. hope your dad and the rest of your family will be ok. amin.

  14. Hope all’s ok Tina..

  15. *hugs* Your family will get through this. Hope your dad is well and better now :)

  16. Hope your dad is fine.

    -random reader :)

  17. Oh yeah, I now remember you posted about your dad being biased when England was playing in the World Cup which had something to do with Man U players. Ok I forgot what now. Don’t mind me. Huhu.

  18. Glad to hear that your dad is well :D
    I have no idea re. the matches hehehe

  19. Sorry to hear that. Your dad will be fine.

  20. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your dad. I know how you feel sweetie, when your superman is suddenly kena inject liquid kryptonite (sp?). You just feel absolutely helpless and frighten for his very life.

    Insya-Allah, your father will be well. Allah is with him all the way. :)

    I posted a poem up on Brunei Ummah called ‘Allah Knows Best’ and indeed He does.

    Never is a believer stricken with discomfort, hardship, illness, grief or even with mental worry except that his/her sins are expiated thereby” The above Hadith was related in Sahih Muslim, Book 032, Number 6242

    Rest assured that Allah loves your dad, that is why He is testing him with such trial. :)

  21. Darkness Light

    Woah… I juz left for a few days and so many things happened? O.O

    Sorry to hear about the accident your dad’s involved in. Am glad to know that he’s alright now…

    :8- )

  22. Tins I just heard the news from kaka. Hope your dad’s recovering well. My prayers are with you. I’m sorry for not being able to be there for you. You take a good care of yourself and kirimsalam your babu. Hugs tight*

  23. Faz, thanks, he’s okay pulang sudah. And I’m okay too. xoxo!

    Wani, thanks for dropping by, sweety. *hugs*

    Livie, there was a lawyer who called me up, telling me he could help, but I got advised by my aunts and uncles and colleagues of my dad that I should be more careful. I don’t know what the department my dad is in is going to do about it, though.

    Manz, he’s good to go. :)

    Nees, thanks, sweets.

    Hazirah, it is, it is. :)

    Sha, thank you, we’re getting back to our old ways step by step. xx.

    Nisa, thank you, for making the effort to comment as well. :)

    War, Manchester United won with Watford! LOL. I was watching the match while I tried going to sleep.

    Wangs, it’s okay, War’s already told me. Thanks, sweety! :)

    Nonnie, he will. :) Thanks!

    Ness, yes indeedy. It feels really dark sometimes that you don’t want to think about it. Actually, most of the time, I don’t. But I keep him in my prayers. Thank you Ness, for the poem. *hugs*

    Darkness Light, you left, eh? Where did you go?

    Izzah, don’t worry about it. His recovery is slow, as he is old, but he is now doing well. It’s okay that you’re not here, it’s not your fault, sweety. InshaAllah, nanti ku sampaikan salam. *hugs back*

  24. Darkness Light

    Me? I went on hiatus as well… too buzy with work and all.

  25. alhamdulillah. glad to hear your dad is alright. i know it must be a tough time for you and your family, but you can get through it, insyaallah.

  26. Darkness Light, are you off hiatus? I thought you had gone for good. Hee.

    Shasha, thank you. It was a tough time, but prayers have got us through it. Thanks again. :)

  27. Darkness Light

    Me? I am off hiatus and juz lurking around.Currently stalking Skittles too. hehehe

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