On hiatus

I’m on a small hiatus. My dad’s involved in an accident in Kuala Belait, that’s in an entire different district from where I live. Approximately an hour away? Yea.

He’s fine albeit a little traumatized. I’m fine too. Just in case.

Keep the comments coming, I’m looking forward to replying to them. Just not now.


7 responses to “On hiatus

  1. Serial Blog Commenter

    Sorry to hear about that. I hope everything is okay.

  2. How bad was it?? Was he hurt? Sorry to hear about it… Wats important ya selamat kan… Hope everything turn out fine for u..

  3. sorry to hear. glad that he’s fine.

  4. I’m sorry to hear your dad’s been involved in an accident. Hope he’s going to be okay. *hugs*

  5. Hope ure dad is okay…

  6. glad to hear ur father’s alright. hope everything is alright *hugs*

  7. take it easy babe. hope everything’s okay.

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