Hey, how’s it going?

I’ve just woken up from sleep, and I won’t bother the boyfriend who’s deep in slumber at the moment. Let me just post a few random things that are swimming in my head. (Mostly it’s about yesterday’s happenings.)

I went out with two big names in the local blogging scene yesterday for lunch. They both have colours in the blog name. Funny, no? They’re Pynk and Turquoise & Roses, and they are two of my good friends. We had ambuyat — a local dish — at Batu Bersurat and had the laugh of our lives. Cali dorang dua ani sebenarnya. While the latter left to watch a movie with her beau, Syaz and I stayed back. We didn’t plan to, but we headed to Taurean Too to sit down and talk more.

I wish I could tell you what we were talking about, but if I did, it would be controversial, MY7THLIFE.NET’s hits would hit the roof, I’ll never be the same again, and you’ll never see me in the same light ever again. Haha.

But anyway. We were talking about things like how to ignore people who are just sensitive to a lot of things, and they’re just a bit too much to handle as friends and we are somewhat better off without them. I have to add, Syaz and I are polar opposites when it comes to handling issues regarding people. Then we just plain bitched about some things like drinking and doing drugs. They’re bad for you, BAD! I know for sure drinking excessively ruins your liver, and it’s your liver and your life, I know, but it doesn’t hurt to tell you they’re not good for you. Teehee.

Then Syaz invited Nadz, whom I haven’t seen and talked to in yonks. Then talked more, until it was time for me to go. I needed to take a shower because I had work in the evening.

It’s raining heavily now. It’s funny, whenever I have an early day ahead, it never fails to rain and make it a wonderful chance to have a nice morning in bed when I can’t. Well, this is just the second time it happened, but I’m simply annoyed by it. I WANT TO SLEEP IN WHEN IT RAINS! Because it feels good to cuddle up in my sheets, I love cold weather.

I digress. I don’t know how to use this, still, and I feel a bit strange using it when I don’t know how. But it seems so professional, doesnt it? Like I know what I’m talking about. Haha.

I digress. Again

I took a shower at Liz’s place, and brought her along to the studio (a boo-boo, actually, because I’m not supposed to), because we were heading to have a sushi dinner after I work. I didn’t want to be late because I really hate eating at a late hour, and I had to pick up my little sister from her tuition class at 9PM, right after my shift. So bringing Liz to the studio saved time. Sue me.

When we got to Excapade, we ate (a lot for three), and we made a new friend out of one of the waiters. Actually, he introduced himself to us after we paid our bill. Haha.

That’s pretty much how my day went, and I felt like sharing. There is nothing like a day where you laugh a lot, and then talk about a few serious issues. And it’s pleasantly surprising that you don’t actually need a lot of friends for that. :)


8 responses to “Hey, how’s it going?

  1. Chet. I’ve been seliur-ing ambuyat since last week but haven’t gotten round to eat it. I should ask my nini if she can make a couple of dishes for me since I must be on a soft food diet (boreng eh!) for a few days.

  2. You’ve been HONK-ed! hoooooonnnkkkkk

  3. eh nyaman eh lalap atu kemaren. hahahaha teimijin ku si syaz dengan cincalu nya… nice meeting kamu~~~

  4. Serial Blog Commenter

    I hate bitching. I can’t stand bitching. That’s why I never bitch or listen to bitches bitching.

    Maroon 5’s new single is called ‘Makes Me Wonder’. And no, ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ atu is by Linkin Park jua. :P

    Britney totally rocks. She kicks ass. HOTTTTTT. MILF.

  5. How we all wish we can really blog freely…

  6. Serial Blog Commenter


    Getting realllllly slow lately. Tsk, tsk… if you keep this up, I might have to seek another blog for A.I. reviews :P hahaha

  7. Speaking of ambuyat…im craving for it again…have u seen the ambuyat pics on my blog…hehehe….u shd haf a look and then go bk to the place again.. hehehe :p sori couldnt talk to you yesterday as i was in a hurry to go…sumone waiting in the car while i check the rcs :)

  8. Manz, hopefully everything will go well with your wisdom teeth. *hugs*

    Ka Ety, I was waiting to be honked! LOL.

    SBC, ekseeennnnnn! :P Britney is not MILF material. Eek. (Nantitah with your review, this week nada. Hahaha.)

    Nonnie, it’d be really nice, wouldn’t it?

    Marilyn, it’s all right, no worries. Nanti we go out for ambuyat and have the time of our lives. Hehe.

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