What I’ve Done by Linkin Park

You know how hard it is to get What I’ve Done, Linkin Park’s new single? (Okay, I’m a pirate, we’ve got that established.)


I’m glad they moved on from the bracketed LINKIN PARK.
(I’d love a black tee with a white, new logo of LP [not pictured.])

There have been fake ‘leaked’ Minutes To Midnight albums everywhere on Multiply pages, and it is annoying. It’s so hard to find the original song. The album’s not out yet, and the fake one is said to be of Chester Bennington, Linkin Park’s frontman, back in the days when Linkin Park wasn’t formed yet. What band was he in again? I’d forgotten.

So this single.. When I first downloaded it, I didn’t know about this fake leaked album. I was listening to it, and I said, what in the world? It didn’t sound like Linkin Park at all. Believe me, I’m enough of a fan to know how LP sounds like. So I said to the boyfriend how bad the new single was. His reaction, “Andang bida!” Hmph. (For those who don’t speak the language, it’s “They’ve always been bad.”)

So, anyway. I was listening to the radio, and Mike was on. Someone requested for What I’ve Done. It was completely different from what I had listened to initially! It was the sound I knew and love. *insert retching sound here*

All right, have a listen.


7 responses to “What I’ve Done by Linkin Park

  1. It’s not bad by any means, but it doesn’t touch the ferocity and power of the first album that I enjoyed so much. I think it’s too safe. Perhaps the spark has left the park?

  2. You are completely right there, the first album has to be their best. Meteora didn’t live up to the first one either, but we’ve yet to see how Minutes To Midnight will do.

    Can’t wait to buy the original audio CD to the new album, although I might have already gotten the whole of it downloaded from the Internet.

  3. Lol, you pirate you! (though aren’t we all?!) Have you listened to the Collision Course EP that they did with Jay-Z? If so, what did you think? ‘cos I loved it.

  4. Hi Tina.

    Wujud masih LP ani kah? Fikir inda lagi wujud. they’re just okay for a rock group. considering nu-metal bands memang tenggelam time ani, liat saja stupid MTV ah, emo sana sini. I think nu m3etal band yang masih dapat airplay has to be evanisin(sp?). haha..

    I know what you mean tentang multiply ah. few weeks back, aku download the entire album from Dark Tranquility’s fiction and Annihilator’s metal. and its not even released yet. Tapi, who cares? bukannya bejual jua cd atu di Brunei. now that’s why file sharing is essential in our life. apakan? macam buat essay. haha.

  5. Serial Blog Commenter

    Eh… erm…. not much to say yo. Why like that one?

    Linkin Park is good. They had this hit song called ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’. Love it :P

    Multiply rules!!! Haha.

    The new Maroon 5 is nice too. Very pop-ish. I’m an unabashed pop person. Britney so rules my world.

    Buh bai.

  6. I thought the song was a bit too safe for LP too but the video made up for it. Aku sukaa.. Hehehe. I wish there was more of Chester’s hoarse voice and Mike singing on this track though. Aaah, remember our LP crazed days back in STPRI? Oh, good ol’ days.. :)

  7. Saywhatyoufeel, Collision Course was brilliant! Although I couldn’t really find a radio-edited version of the album to play on the radio, I loved it more than I did Reanimation. I feel the latter was a bit of a disappointment to me. Reanimation was not something new, Collision Course was the same, but it was great.

    Nie Cha, I had almost forgotten that Linkin Park existed, and that’s a huge shocker knowing how much of a fan I was of theirs in the past. I still love them, but I have now long forgotten their birth dates and places, how they came together and whatnot. Haha. But hopefully they won’t fade the way Limp Bizkit is at the moment, just because of what you said. Emo bands popping up here and there.

    I’m a bit confused at what emo is these days. Is 30 Seconds To Mars emo? If so, give me more emo lead singers like Jared Leto please. Because he is hot. Even for a guy born in ’71.

    Who doesn’t love file sharing? But I love safe file sharing. P2P just doesn’t do it for me these days.

    SBC, yes, “Smells Like Teen Spirit” was a good track. If you’re talking about Nirvana. :P But I’m sure you knew that.

    I made you a Multiply convert!!

    Which new Maroon 5 song? Tell me, tell me! (And, uh, Britney?)

    Manz, I’m thinking the song’s pace is resembling more or less like My December without Mike Shinoda. I can’t wait to listen to the rest of the album, they always have great tracks in their albums.

    Oh, I remember those days. I remember how they weren’t that many LP fans, haha. They were good times. :)

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