Pictures from MRS

I’ve only got ten to share, and most of them are stolen from Eff. Haha. He knows I usually do this, and it saves him the time to actually send them through e-mail.

Picture #1: This is Sel and I, before the whole event started. We were waiting for the others. Apparently, they all met up at the lobby. Nyeh.

Picture #2: This was taken during the drama. We were bored, so Sel took their picture. This has to be my favourite because Muliadi is just embarrassing himself. (And it’s all thanks to me, hahahaha.)

Picture #3: Also taken during the drama, our lecturer went to the table nearest to ours, and was talking to my other classmates before deciding to take a picture. (Our lecturer, Sir Sharul, is the one in stripes.)

Picture #4: I got bored, so I fiddled around with the macro function! Haha. (My purse and someone else’s phone.)

Picture #5: This was taken when everything ended. Spotted: Dr. Sophiana Chua.

Picture #6: One of my favourite lecturers and I. This is Dr. Sophiana, whom I call Ms. Sophiana because the former doesn’t roll off my tongue nicely.

Picture #7: Another mini group picture. From left, Asdanny, Ka Hjh. Ainun, Amalina, Dr. Sophiana, and myself.

Picture #8: The SDP group A. Haha. From left, Muliadi, Sir Rudy, Eff, Sel, and me.

Picture #9: I was trying to give As some horns, to no avail. Look at me, acting all stupid. LOL.

Picture #10: The food. Minus the sliced watermelon. You can even spot plain water in this picture.


15 responses to “Pictures from MRS

  1. Serial Blog Commenter

    YESSSSSS… finally… FIRST!


    Haven’t said that for quite sometime now. Wooohoooo. Highlight of my day.

  2. You know.. you are so sad. Hahahaha.

  3. Tina Tina Tina Tina…. lama inda talk to you. eheh… *hugs*

    I’m bored… wanna start writing again. tapi macam banyak kaja. no time. grrrrr….

  4. You had your fringe cut? Hehe.

  5. Mcm inda taya byk gambar atu.. rasa nya mcm byk ambil dat nite.. shud’ve taken mo sampai sangal senyum… lol.. loving all the pix.. hi light of dat nite

  6. and oso hi light when dat indon salah face the camera… lol.. kesian eh

  7. Wowww MRS siok… aaahhh those good ol’ days.

  8. Tell Ms. Sophiana I miss her!

    Got, MRS night can be so boring that everyone pays attention to their camera rather the stage. Hhahaa

  9. Nie Cha! Hi, lating! How are you? I haven’t seen you in a while as well, woman! *hugs* Jangantah dulu menyibukkan diri when you’re in your second (and final) year. Focus on the things you need to focus on first. Hehe. Hope everything’s going well in CIS.

    War, awu.. Why? Inda lawa, right? My cousin cakap cali. :( Planning to do something to my hair so that people won’t focus on the things that I don’t like about my hair.

    Sel, haha, in my blog saja tu inda banyak ah. Arah Fendi and Yahoo! group banyak jua, I think. (I remember that Indonesian guy with the camera! That was so hilarious and kesian at the same time!)

    Ka Ety, it’s only good for seeing your friends this time around. Hehe.

    Nonnie, I will try, I haven’t been seeing her around except on official school events. I guess I have been expecting too much out of MRS then, hahaha.

  10. Serial Blog Commenter


    Boooooooooo :P

  11. Dude! It is coming! Why? So sick of seeing my face every time my weblog finished loading, is it? Haha, me too, actually. It’s coming. I’m still “writing”!

  12. I guess it’s obvious that it’s too short but that’s okay it’ll grow. :) Macam kanak2 saja usulmu hehe. Anyway, luruslah tu Sir Rudy mu atu yang main handball ehhe.

  13. Haha, hopefully, a cute one. (Prasan aku ah!) :P Nah, nanti tah ku merista arah my lecturer. LOL.

  14. That’s Laila’s phone~ :P How can you not know the phone that has built-in foot massage beads… All you need to do is place the phone under your foot and call it using another number and make sure that vibrate is ‘ON’~ XD

  15. Are you serious?

    Wait. You’re not, are you?


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