Like crazy

Not to be bitchy or anything, but here’s the invite to CIS department’s Appreciation & Farewell Dinner that I promised.



I suddenly wish I could rewind everything and go back to the appreciation dinner on February 24th. (And we only had to fork out B$35.)

I’m the IS representative! :D Haha, don’t know why I’m happy about that. (Eff, I want that video of all the speeches~)


5 responses to “Like crazy

  1. Serial Blog Commenter

    Just for kicks, FIRST here too. I can’t be bothered with the Jared Leto post.

  2. Ya Allah! Hahahaha! Yea, increase my comment count. It’s more than my post count by three times now you’re doing all your “first” posts. :P

    Speaking of posts, UPDATE YOUR WEBLOG!!

  3. Wah~ Cam “mint” condition eh invitation card atu… hehehe~ :)

  4. Oh oh and not forgetting, 100 of these invitation card cost only B$45~ ;)

  5. Eff, the corners are a bit frayed, but it’s still good. Not mint condition though. Haha.

    I wished the student body would spend a little more on impressing us on the invites. Now, I don’t even keep the invitation to MRS, I just left it at the hotel hall.

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