The MRS stank

I have to apologize to my fellow juniors, intake 21 and 22, because the MRS I experienced was the most boring function I have ever attended. Mostly the things that made it suck might not be their fault, but it sucked. The first and last MRS I’ll ever attend, and it was a night to forget. It was horrible. And I’m not alone in this, I have to add.

One of the things that made it unbearable was the sound system.

We couldn’t make out what the MCs were saying, so we didn’t know what was happening most of the time. Although, we did know when certain speeches end because they start to walk off the stage. The sound system in the hall was that bad. Like I said, the fact that the night bombed might not be our juniors’ fault.

Performances by every department this time around was performing with a live band. Which didn’t need much attention and people just went on eating with the every now and then cheer that was audible from a few tables. And the boys who thought it was ridiculous how the instruments seemed as if they didn’t go through sound check. Well, I, for one, don’t know what that means, but by the tone they were talking about it, I bet it was bad.

After the performances were over and done with, which was actually judged, because they were competing for the annual title.. There was this drama that was produced by the student body. The props made me feel like I was still in my secondary school, STPRI. It felt very immature. Again, I have to apologize to my juniors who have probably worked through sweat and tears for the night. It was just very bad.

Once again, the sound system might have had a hand in it. We couldn’t hear their dialogue at all! They were just doing a lot of actions that no one could interpret, and in the end.. everyone was minding their own business. My table and my friends’ table were sharing videos of the singing cadet. Another table, the business department, started singing a birthday song which deviated everyone’s attention to the back of the hall, which, if that didn’t give the student body a clue, I don’t know what will. A few other tables started taking group pictures.

The only time people paid great attention was the lucky draw.

After that, everyone just did their own thing.  My highlights of the night were:

  1. Seeing my classmates again, sharing a lot of laughs, and taking pictures.
  2. One of my lecturers came up to our table, and said she knew of my blog. She said, “If I knew there was this side of you, we would have long conversations.” That just made my day. Hehe.
  3. Getting all dolled up.

That was just probably it. I don’t want to start on the food yet. Because I need to get ready for work.


26 responses to “The MRS stank

  1. OMG! Youuurrrr sooooo trueee tina!i have to agree on each and every detail u wrote… OMG! the MOST boring MRS! you know, we didn’t even pay attention to the drama coz its not “Catchy” and dont even start with the food… plain water?! i thought at least the best they can offer is orange campur kah… goshhh…

    & Yea…
    The only thing i enjoyed during that night was seeing my frens and sharing laughs… taking pictures coz we all dressed up…


    Hehe Cya on graduation rehersals and graduation..

  2. Oh oh! Lemme talk about the food!!! The sentence below explains it all:

    Beverages: Plain Water a.k.a. H20*!!! XD

    *to those not knowing what H20 is, it is what you use to take shower with and make drinks. So drink value: B$0.00~ ;)

    Probably the business department of our junior intake don’t have management skill… I thought we need management skill especially for our final year project (which the juniors are in right now). I bet their project will suck bad from the performance their doing now.

    The lucky draw… I don’t feel lucky at all. Well for the fact I didn’t win one. LOL~ XD But seriously, I think Adli made a better job with lucky draw than these people. And isn’t there a “rumour” that someone got the same number as one of the winners? God… Bad bad management~ 8|

  3. hi Tina. It just happened that I found this blog, through Lina. I’m the one who is responsible for the whole bahagian persembahan, so yea… when I read your blog, okay, I can accept the fact. Of course, I’m really sad to hear it. Thanks for the comment, I really appreciate it. I myself am disappointed. The sound system, it sucked. Then, things going on in Asma hotel… such that, we had to clear the hall right after the function ends, cos the hotel had to install the pelaminan. Yep. A wedding on the very next day. That was the reason why everyone hoped it ended soon. Things were all messed up ever since the postponement.

    And then… The drama. Right… It’s a tough job to make a drama, and you know that :-) you need a lot of hard work to get everyone’s attention, and so last night, we did our best. I’m sorry on behalf of the drama group. The volunteers worked hard to entertain everyone. I was just the producer. They all are actually great actors. If only the sound system was that great. Sigh… It’s tough to satisfy anyone’s wants.

    Right now, a part of me is saying, ‘Rina, you sucked’ and the other, ‘we did it’. I don’t know. I just need to clear things up.

    We do hope you guys appreciate our hard work. At least we did our best. Of all things, feedbacks made me feel anxious. And this one… :-(

    Congratulations by the way, you’ve graduated. :-)


    Rina Nurhamizah
    Ketua Bahagian Kebudayaan BKP 06/07
    ITB intake 21

  4. Okay…Overall comments on MRS 2007…

    First of all *Many Apologies to the Juniors* these are just comments so that you guys can make more improvements for next year…I’m sure intake 21 would like a blast for their “APPRECIATION NIGHT”, although I did not feel appreciated last night…

    1. The Date – Don’t you do homework atleast? Knowing that Mauludurrasul was on that day??? Hmm…Takde kalendar Islam kerr???

    2. The Invitation Card – Err can’t they make it more colorful? Dewi & Yani was more creative for 2005 & 2006…I was expecting more improvement for 2007…Unfortunately wawawa…And and…Hand posted? Aiyoo c’mon laaa…

    3. The Theme – I was hoping the theme could be more specific. C’mon guys, you could do better than THAT…Seriously…Something that everyone wants to “DRESS UP” for…ani macam everyone malas-malasan kan datang just because of the theme, because almost everyone was confused…and saying that “This is not our culture” from the dress-code in the invitation…

    4. The Venue – Err…nada yang provide banyak parking g kah? Seriously, I enjoyed working masa MRS 2005…Way organised…I’m saying this because I didn’t go for MRS 2006…Haha…Moving on…

    5. The Food – Err, Normal Menu lah, “eat”able though…No surprise there…Hehehe…I was hoping ada “mini gifts” for everyone yang hadir…Coz if inda silap time MRS 2005, they put “Mini Box of Chocolates” on the table for Everyone…Awww…Guess I expected too much hahaha…

    6. The Performance – No climax there I see…Maybe next year they should concentrate more on APPRECIATING the seniors other than simply JUST ENJOYING THEMSELVES…Even the Birthday Song stole your thunder lah…

    7. The Intake20 Pictures VideoClip – Next time, please annouce that you are about to play the Happy & Sad moments of us…That is the “HEART of MRS” that SHOWS that the juniors appreciate the seniors…

    Okay, lastly, SORRY brabis for these comments I made…Tina, I agreed with you…To juniors, please do something about it…For your own good jua supaya inda kena comments pedas macam ani lagi…To Rina, CONGRATS for making it work…The sound system ja kali lah…Overall…I’d rather stay at home and watch AF concert haha…

    To the rest of the graduates, see you on CONVOCATION DAY…Hehe…

  5. Serial Blog Commenter

    Ok, here’s my thoughts on the MRS 2007.

    Overall, it could have been better. And the MCs should have been more audible.

    Oh wait, I didn’t even attend the damn thing. I don’t even know what MRS stands for! Ikut aja wah… jump on the bandwagon.

    Looks like this post is stirring up a fair bit of response. You trouble maker, you. And yes, I watched the ‘First’ video. It was cute like me.

    Buh bai

  6. Highlight #2 aww!~ ;)

  7. Ah I forgot one important thing… Why didn’t you play the video I made? It’s not that hard to actually just pop in a CD and play it you know~ -.-”

    I bet the video I gave can also stole the performance attention for a nice long 16 minutes~ Hahaha… XD

    See you (Intake 20) all at convo… 19th May 2007 (hopefully no change on that)~ :D

  8. Whoah. What a response to this entry. And I haven’t even started on the food! Well, I will, it’ll be in the replies I’ll be making.

    (Generally, before I like to move on, I want to say, see you in your graduation robes!!)

    Marlina, like I had mentioned, it might be the hall’s sound system. I bet if I could hear what they were talking about, I would be half-interested in what they had to present. Now, in other things, the drama could have been better, and one of the things that would make it so, is to make it shorter and to the point. By having a break in between creates the illusion that the drama was longer than it was supposed to be.

    Or it was definitely a long drama. Anyway.. about the food.. the drinks definitely didn’t do justice. There could have been better options than just skyjuice. The food was limited, for a table of ten, there just wasn’t enough food to go around.

    I just visited your blog, and apparently it is by invite only. Nyeh. Would’ve liked to read how your response was, if any. See you during rehearsals! And probably at a better event, the graduation night.

    Eff, management skill is one.. The programme leaflet thingamajig was another. I could have read better programme on a wedding invitation. The thing was, no one could hear the MCs very well (at least for us at the back of the hall), and no one knew what the heck was happening. They could have been more specific in stating what sort of entertainment they would be having. But.. like I said, the programme has more room for improvement.

    In my honest opinion, the lucky draw was not well carried out. Sure, it’ll take a longer time to pick a paper out of a box, but it would make everything more believable. When they just mentioned the numbers, I had thought, what if the ones who won were their friends? Not that I want people to start talking about untrue things, but I’m just saying. I don’t mind not winning. At least I don’t have to walk up to the makeshift stage and embarrass myself. Haha.

    And to think that the poor-quality of the event would stop at the invitations. Our own department’s appreciation dinner had better invitations!

    Rina, thank you for not taking it in negatively. I have to counter your points with a few of my unwanted opinions, though. The postponement could have been avoided, if the student body had been more aware of the local happenings. I know, I’m not a good Muslim myself, but there has to be someone who thought about current events, right? If there wasn’t, you people wouldn’t be in the student body.

    I think the ICC was going to be occupied the day after MRS, is that why it wasn’t held there, or is there any other reason that MRS had to be held at Asma Hotel? Because, I heard from my fellow coursemates that the venue could have been better. Not that I would know, last night was my first MRS event ever.

    I am not entirely blaming the drama or the production of it, I couldn’t hear what the actors were saying to even judge the drama itself. Don’t beat yourself up for the production. I was impressed with the video you made which showed who played what character and which role you had in the drama itself. Like I said, it must have been the sound system that brought the whole thing down.

    I’m sorry that you have to go through all of this, I know how much it must have sucked to hear all these sorts of feedback, but hey, it isn’t all a bed of roses, right?

    Dk. Mimi, I strongly agree with you when you mentioned about appreciating the seniors other than just merely enjoying themselves. But this is the Bruneian way of thinking, and I’m saying this because I am a Bruneian myself. Usually, we think, we’re just going to do this because it’s an annual thing and we’re just going to do what we can do. There is no stepping over what was set for them, and this is where the MRS last night lacked.

    About the date, I also agree. Setting dates is more than just pointing to a calendar, and say, “Oh, this is a good Saturday night to have it.” I’m not saying that they did this, but it’s just a matter of speech. Like I said, it’s not just picking a date. It’s knowing what’s happening in that week, or that day itself. Maybe there was no reference to the people in the higher positions, like lecturers? What I mean here is merely rujukan.

    The invitation card, as I mentioned to Eff earlier on in my comment, could have been better. Our appreciation dinner’s invitation was eons better than the MRS invitation. I will post the invitation in another entry, if I remember.

    Not too bothered with the theme, but I was curious as to what the men will be coming in with. And it turns out, most of the men couldn’t be bothered to actually dress up to the theme. But, again, not too bothered with this.

    About the food, there wasn’t enough to go around and this was a problem to most of my friends in the round table I was sitting in. The presentation of the food was nothing close to impressive, but it could be made better by having refills.

    I was disappointed to see that our department’s pride and joy video was not played, but it was a tiny-lenghted video that took its place. And yes, again, I agree with you, there was no announcement that the videos were playing. They just played in the background and I didn’t even notice until my attention diverted from what the MCs were doing, to the screen.

    SBC, sibuk eh! Ia inda jua ada! Haha. This is the first post where I’ve gotten real good feedback. Haha, sakai ku ni!

    The video was funny, by the way. But far from cute. :P

    War, I know, right? :D

  9. Serial Blog Commenter

    No wonder you weren’t in the mood for a ‘proper’ new post. You must have spent like 20 minutes with the replies for this one? Crazy kid, I tell you.

    Go on, you know you SO want to talk about the food. Just bitch your head off already. No need to be all angelic.

    buh bai. Seems like this is my new saying.. wahaha. Just saying.

  10. Hahaha, that comment reply was initially a new post, but I decided against it.

    I don’t want to bitch about food, I didn’t eat much. Maybe you were there at the MRS and finished all of them. Ha.

  11. Tina!! I hafto agree wiv u for every single word that ur saying. Ok.. Walaupun i dun really eat dinner.. Tpi mlm atu terlapar bah mau jua kn mkn. Well.. The food edible plg. The drink bah bagi fikir dua kali. 1st tot.. “Drg bagi air den bagi air bandung / orange kali” Skali.. dui ma. Kan manggil 4 refil air pun nda kna layan. Kebakuan tpaksa minum air c Farah. Haha! Well.. None of the student bodies fault. Den pasal drama. The pelakon.. Cali2 plg kali. Tapi plz.. Make sure the pelakon atu memahami scrpt! Woseh! Haha! Jadi Fauziah Ahmad Daud! Hehe. Nadalah. MRS has always been a nyte dat all graduates haf been waiting for.. As far as m concerned lah. Tapi ah.. 1st for the late distribution of the invitation card. 2nd.. The card itself sux big tym! I mean.. Card nya lawa plg. Glittery.. Tapi.. Plain?!! U haf got 2 b kidding me. 3rd the postpone.. Ya Rabbi!! U noe org looking 4ward 2 it udahkah? 2 days b4 the actual day?!! Hmmphh.. 4th.. The place.. My god.. 5th.. Ok.. I 4got 5th.. Kajap let me recall.. Yes.. 5th! Mana cia duit BKP yg kami bayar dulu?! Bunyinya utk kalau ada function lah etc etc. Tapi every function adaaaa jua collection. Haiyo.. Apa mcm lah.. Lau buleh kami request 4 a 2nd MRS ne. Hehe. Juz make sure lah graduation nyte nanti tmpat yg bagus utk ‘menebus’ ani. Hehe. Ciao. No offence 2 da juniors tho. Nice try btw. ;)

  12. Haha, refill air atu yang sedih. My colleague on another table was complaining about it and said that he had called for them loads of times but inda kana layan.

    Hahaha, memahami script? Antam! :P

    The thing is, I’m one of those people who have been waiting for MRS for a long time. I have heard rave reviews about having the time of your life during that night itself, but.. err.. it was disappointing.

  13. Hi Tina, yes, I agree about the postponement that could’ve been avoided. But sigh, there I was, busy preparing for the whole performances, unaware about the date. The admin, since we have to go through them, just agreed on the date. I don’t know. I’m not gonna blame anyone (though I sounded like blaming the admin. Argh entahlah. I didn’t check the calendar jua, so my fault tia jua..). It’s everyone’s fault in the end. I agree on that. Thank you again everyone for your comments, somehow, negative feedbacks made me stronger as it gave me more room of improvement. Oh btw, this semester we have Engineering Management, so yeah, maybe I could manage a function like this even better in the near future? (banar plang out cetaku ni, but oh well).

    The location… Yes… you see, when MRS was supposedly held on the 24th March, ICC were used due to Pakistan National (or was it independence day? etc etc), and next, Orchid Garden Hotel, where MRS was held last year, also occupied… Ada wedding. So Asma was the only one hotel responded to us. And so the postponement happened, iatah the Asma people got angry or so, they were being mean to us… Nevermind the detail. Pokoknya, what an experience… The pressure… Waargh… Jara jara… Kalau tah bulih ditukar tempat. Tapi nda dapat ey… tst tst

    Overall… What’s done is done… Insyallah… I’ll try to tebus kesalahan-kesalahan ani :-) we’ll see yeah… Give me a chance to redeem myself. No promises, but just pray for me that my idea that I just thought of will be accepted…

    Tina, thanks for being supportive. This is life, and I know for sure, is not all bed of roses I quote ;-)

    Lina, thanks… We cool.

    Mimi, thank you, but you know me, I could’ve done better…

    Thank you everyone who responded :-) Sorry ah, even though I’m not alone in this, but it feels like, I didn’t reach the aim (personal kah tu? Entah ah… Maybe lah.). But it is quite a great experience. Alhamdulillah.

    Til we meet again :-) thank you everyone.


    Rina Nurhamizah

  14. Oh btw, the theme, kana tukar leh Ck S. We thought of CELEBRITIES at first, but he was all like… ‘eh this is not for the celebrities, this is for the graduates’ and I was all like… Aiyo… Theme is just a theme sir… come on… Confuse tia urang ni karang pasal GLITTERS ani… And I was right…

    but it’s done haha… just to clear things up again… cheers.

  15. Rina, are you serious? Administration forgot about the week of the birthday anniversary of our prophet SAW? How that happened, I would like to know.

    About the location, what happened on the 7th? Was I right about the ICC being occupied the next day? If I’m not mistaken, it was World Renal Day and some sort of bazaar thing was happening.

    I do understand the complications now, especially with the staff of Asma Hotel being very uncooperative.

    A mere suggestion, you could forewarn future staff of venues that if there were any emergencies, it would help if they understood and not be unprofessional about it.

    Hopefully you do get to redeem yourself, because all I remember that night was three people were voted out of AF5 because I was out to eat with my friends after MRS ended.

    (Oh, about the theme, if I were you, I’d say, “Alaa, sir, the graduates will be celebrities for the night!” Celebrity, red-carpet treatment. But what to do. MRS came and went.)

  16. eff,i told you i was sorry for not playing the damn movie, there was no time, plus, luan2 jua ko nda kan tfikir dept lain.. lainla ko campur gmbr semua dept, but dat is SO NOT the main reson, suka2ti ku kali kan memplay video mu ah, mun ko na puas hati, ckp ja dpn ku dat nyt, na pyh di sini. but then again, sorry dint play it, and that i really mean it. unlike some ppl..

  17. Whoa. Okay. I don’t quite mind the video not being played now, because I bet I look fat as always, but please keep the anger on a down low. Thanks for coming by and leaving a comment.

    Unhappy with anything, leave your e-mail address and I’ll get back to you. :)

  18. Tina: awu I’m serious… I was dumbstruck for a while, after the chairman said so. And it was 3 days before the event :-s and I thought that was our final meeting. Udah atu… aih… catulah… huhu

    We couldn’t change the location after the postponement… We had to stick to the place… Everything was paid… What to do…

    and yes, sir atu majal wah… I suggested ICONS right after ia nda mau celebrities, tapi majal eh ia dengan glittersnya. Entah apa bah dalam pikirannya… Iatah ni isuk… Post mortem… Isuk ia ada… Wish us luck.

    Iakah? 3 people voted out? Baru tu eh! Heehee batah dah nda ku liat AF ah… But I notice si Dafy atu lawa. Haha… Oh well… Time to concentrate on my studies… And yes, I hope I’ll get to redeem myself… Pray for me… Thanks a bunch :-)

  19. I don’t watch AF as well, I knew because we went to some place to have a bite and the television was on Astro Ria, so I knew more than two were eliminated. Wonder why? AF running out of gimmicks, I suppose?

  20. Did she said “damn” video?? Well, i sure hope yr MRS even more suckier than us…Then, u noe how we feel. Neway I totally agree with c-ratz.. hope our graduation is not as bad MRS.. Sorry tina, i just have to say it

  21. And totaly agree with Dk.Mimi.. its shud be about the seniors rather than dorang siuk sendiri cematu…

  22. Memang ku tak puas hati and I said it that night in front of you if you’d remember it. I said “Patut ko main video atu ah waktu close to the end of the MRS” :P Oh well, someone more qualified could’ve filled that post. Being the actor (the main one too) and projector controller is a bad idea… wonder who’s idea was it? ;|

  23. Sel, worry not. :) I’m going to reply to your e-mail soon, as well. Hee.

    Eff, ohhh.. ;)

  24. haha…everything wanna say has been said…too bad nda photo session arah entrance!so dissapointing!!!….performance everything not well organised!Sound system SUCK berabis…nda u guys sound check dlu kh?…apa lagi ah…food?..ok lh stil edible…but only supply H20? OMG!…i wonder how much did u guys pay per head!..definitely not worth it..haha..but i appreciate wat u juniors did lh*SALUTE*….afterall nda yg perfect berabis!…we’re here jus to give comment not to critised u guys!.

    *Jumpa on 17th , 18 th and 19th MAY*hehe

  25. Okie..

    There’s a lot of issues raised about this MRS and i would like to clear things up from my previous comment…coz i sounded very harsh and offended some people especially the BKPs who worked hard trying to make this MRS a bomb.. and i would like to apologise to all the ITB-ians involved in the MRS 2007 and especially to the BKP06/07..


  26. KOKster, haha, see you on those dates! :D

    Lina, andangnya tu, sometimes it’s better to let it out in the open rather than bitch about it and hate them for it. At least there are a few explanations why the night didn’t go so well for the seniors, right? ;)

    Thanks for dropping by and leaving comments guys. xx.

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