Sweet sixteen

There is nothing like stumbling upon new blogs, say “Oh, wow.” in a way that’s even ambiguous to yourself. Then you straightaway bookmark them, and pledge to stalk every new entry and make sure there are no hidden meanings. All right, seriously. I found a few anonymous blogs today that give away their identity so easily. Was this their intention, though? Don’t matter. I’m not here to analyze their every blogging move.

I did promise to put up pictures, but so far I’ve only got eight of them to put up. And these were from Frankie’s small surprise birthday party at the studio. (Sorry if anyone missed it. I heard it was last minute.)

The ice cream cake! It made me feel like a kid again. I will ask my mom to buy me an ice cream cake when I turn 22 next month.


This was pre-surprise, they were waiting for me. I was not there because I was out buying drinks. :P From left: Mike, Reza, and Izah’s husband, Adzly.


I was still not there. LOL. From left: Zanna, Marilyn, and Izah.


SURPRISE! Okay, this wasn’t exactly the look on Frankie’s face, this was when he realized he was being surprised live on national radio, and on his own show. It was fun while the surprise lasted.


We come bearing gifts, O great one. Hehe.


This is us, eating. We are good people, we clean after ourselves well. ;) Sean came a little late, so he missed out on the food.


After Frankie’s show, we (with the exception of Izah and husband, and Zanna) went on to DeRoyalle to hang out, and, ahem.. talk. This is Mike acting stupid and me trying not to.


Frankie’s “cake” given by DeRoyalle.

We had a great night, and thinking back to the date these pictures were taken, they are really long overdue. We had a great laugh, and it was a great outlet to some people. Hehe.

Maybe I’ll put up more pictures, but we’ll have to see.


7 responses to “Sweet sixteen

  1. Serial Blog Commenter


    What did you think about Idol’s results tonite? Where are the reviews?? I’m sure you must have some thoughts about it.

    Also, I read your comment arah Poklen. That was a mouthful ;)

    So that’s how the people behind the mic look like. Interesting. Everyone is gorgeous. Green with envy.

    More pictures please.


  2. Hahaha, I was about to create a post for it, sabar wah. :P

    My comments at Poklen was an impulsive comment. It didn’t go anywhere. Pointless lah, basically. Sasak ku orang bawa pasal Al-Quran atu. Drinking and partying hard does not equate to Miss/Mr. Anonymous knowing the content of the book. Psch.

    We all dazzle, don’t we? If only it came through on the radio. Kidding. ;)

    Pictures? Won’t promise.

  3. Nyaman usulnya cake ah. Bah tina.. *cough-birthday-cough-ku-cough-ujung-cough-bulan-cough* :p Atu panjang batuk ah. Keke.

  4. Eh, baiktah bawa ke clinic tu batuk ah. Bila kan birthday mu ani? Inda ku ingat eh. Hahaha. ;)

  5. wachaaaaa *ampas-ampas tina* lol

  6. Darkness Light

    Nice Pics… Frankie is 16? Which anniversary of his 16th bday are we talking about here? lol

  7. Mal, hahaha, nada wah! :P

    Darkness Light, yes, apparently he is. Haha. Probably 7th anniversary? LOL. I dunno~ ;)

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