Making a tiny comeback

Did anyone watch American Idol results show tonight?


(I’m not cutting my posts anymore because it gets cut off in RSS feeds as well. Wouldn’t want that now, would we?)

How absurd was the results show? Beside the fact that Sanjaya Malakar is still in the competition, how can Gina Glocksen be out?! She was one of the better performances. Even if she was in the bottom two, I think Haley Scarnato should’ve went. Or Phil Stacey and his eyebrows. And Sanjaya should have been in the bottom three, not the middle three. Thank goodness I was spared the information about which spot in the middle three he was in. I hope it wasn’t the top middle three, or the middle middle three. Haha, what am I on about? I just want him to be in the bottom middle three.

About the performances on Wednesday night, I was bored with it. But I stuck through every performance, and I have to say, it was pretty hard. All I did was let it stay on channel 70, and I’d do something else. I wouldn’t concentrate. Is American Idol losing its edge? Or have I just lost interest? I want to see the contestants perform really famous songs so that I’d be familiar with them.

Last week was better than this week. They should get people like Gwen Stefani to be their mentors more often. I wish American Idol contestants would perform more current songs. I know, this week was classic American songs night, but Gina Glocksen sang a song that non-Americans (and the young) would know very well! Psch. Whatever. Hopefully, next week would be good. I’ll keep you updated if I read anything on AI.

Anyway.. I missed last week’s results show and my mom has been making me regret it because Sweet Escape is this household’s favourite song of the now (including my dad because he’s a fan of Akon.) So I was looking through the pictures, and what is this? Why is he standing like that? Is he really dating Alaina Alexander, now? Haha, tipunya kali.

Oh, hellew.

Just kidding. (Wouldn’t want to repeat a minor Poklen mistake.)

Oh! So I found a video of Gwen Stefani’s performance with Akon.

I have to say this, as wobbly as she sounds sometimes when singing live, she’s one of my favourite live singers.

Moving on from my thoughts on American Idol, MRS is coming — it is this Saturday evening, and my one main concern is if someone else is coming in with a similar dress on as myself. I thought, “I should have made a custom-made dress instead of buying one.” I never, have I ever felt like this about a dress before. I mean, what would I need a dress for?

But now, I apparently do. I feel that it’s sort of like a prom night, but with different activities happening. LOL. This could well be my first and last prom, if it is even close to one. Haha. Never usually have motivation to attend such things, but nearly everyone in the CIS department is excited about it, and it’s infectious. Serious.

Moving on.. My right knee has been hurting for two weeks now, but I have kept quiet about it. With my mom anyway. Whenever I tell her there’s something wrong with me, she worries a lot. But last night, I finally told her. Although, I did tell a little white lie. I said it has been hurting for a week. What? I just didn’t want her to worry.

The downside to that was, well, she wouldn’t let me play netball this afternoon. She actually gave me the mean eye last night when I started my “but’s” just so I can convince her to let me play. Blah.

I think this post is getting too long now. Post again soon. Toodles!


3 responses to “Making a tiny comeback

  1. Serial Blog Commenter

    FIRST!!! Heh, I can never get enough of that.

    Meanwhile, what is your problem with Sanjaya kan? You sound like a total $%#@*. Just let it be already. He’s soooo gonna win. Just saying.

    It’s not my fault that you’re getting slow with your AI reviews now, is it? I mean, I wait with abated breath for your reviews… sekali log on, nada. Apa tu??? Heh.

    Ok, that’s it for now… more later or sumthin’

  2. Yeah same here, I’m starting to get bored with the performances each week. I blame it on the theme. And sanjaya should be out. Argh.

  3. SBC, you and your obsession of being first! Weirdo.

    Sanjaya has a crush on my boyfriend! That’s why I hate him so much. Hahaha, okay, kidding. Anyway, he is talentless. I want to know why Americans are voting for him to stay in. Hopefully, you are wrong and he won’t win. :P

    I can’t do more reviews! This year’s contestants are boring me to pieces! There isn’t much to say anymore. Hahaha.

    Sha, exactly! And hopefully, with next week’s mentor being Jennifer Lopez, everything will be back on track. I have a feeling that AI is letting Sanjaya stay because it’ll be a nice gimmick. Or something.

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