Time for an old picture!


Look at my hair! Sort of like it that length.. When was this ah? I remember it was the fasting month.. during my HND placement semester, me thinks. 2005! Whoa. But I do remember that from the side, the back looks really limp and not so nice. I do like how the length looks like though.

So sorry that I haven’t updated much. I haven’t got a lot to talk about. Even then, I feel so lazy to post. So, it’s not exactly a blogger’s block, but sheer laziness. I’ve also got pictures from the Pilihan-Akira Talentime 2007 preliminary auditions at The Mall from my colleagues, and also pictures of the small surprise birthday party we had for Frankie. But I haven’t had the right mood to edit the pictures to their optimum and display it on this blog.

Like I said, too lazy.

I was out with my friends for a barbecue at Muara beach yesterday too. I went after work, and I had to call Ratz to know how to get there. I have a very, very bad memory. (Some people witnessed this last week. Haha. SBC, that’s you!) I’ve driven there a couple of times, but I still need someone in the front passenger seat to reassure me of where I’m going. My memory’s so bad, it’s pathetic, right?

Anyway, I was wearing a white shirt, but I had the black tube top that I just bought on! I thought it was going to be hot with two layers of clothing on, but it wasn’t, and it saved me from ending up being one of the wet t-shirt contestants with one of the activities. Kidding. There were wet activities (like throwing water balloons at each other), but there was no wet t-shirt contest, okay? :P We are good and well-mannered people. Right.

Joined Atul’s group of friends (also on the beach) a bit later on. Made a few friends along the way, which was cool. I was never good at making new friends, but with my (possibly new-found) humour and courage, I crack a few jokes. Not just in my mind either. *cough*

Look at this post’s time. I can’t believe I’m up at this time. I’m usually up by 9AM, but I was awoken by.. err.. I just sort of woke up on my own. Which sucks because I like sleeping a lot. Haha.

I’m going to go and probably watch some Korean drama called Tree In Heaven and not bother the boyfriend.


2 responses to “Falling

  1. Serial Blog Commenter

    FIRST!!! Let this be a testament to how much I love your blog, :P

    Also, your hair… erm, looks the same. Meanwhile, I had a haircut too. It cost me the whole $4! Can you believe that? Rip off, eh? But they threw in the shave as well and it was a smooth shave so I tipped $1. That’s a 25% tip. Yes, my generosity knows no boundaries.

    Your memory is truly pathetic. That’s all I’m gonna say.

    WET T-SHIRT CONTEST? Dayum, my invite must have been lost in the mail.

    Finally, NEW updates for you. BITCH, I tell you. BITCH BITCH BITCH. No more playing nice.

    That’s about it.


  2. Alaa, how much you love my blog konon! Haha.

    When you say my hair looks the same, I realize where you’re getting at: YES, IT LOOKS THE SAME! Haha, safe to say men never notice anything. (Very generous, by the by. A whole Bruneian dollar? That’s a few hundreds in another country!)

    My memory is worse than a goldfish. Even more so when I’m not focused on what I’m doing.

    No one planned on having a we t-shirt contest, but it happened. NADA WAH. Haha.

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