Sugar for my honey

There is something horribly wrong with the text editor of It’s not showing the settings that I set them to. Weird.

I’d like to wish two of the people in my life a very happy birthday! to my cousin, Nurul, and my former classmate and friend, Fendi. Hopefully a late text will suffice, I ran out of credit until Marilyn transferred some of hers into mine. (Thanks, Marilyn!)

Unlike last week, I enjoyed tonight’s American Idol performances. I won’t do a review.. I don’t think I’ll ever do another one unless there’s a full blue moon. :P But.. (I can’t help it) I finally enjoyed Chris Richardson’s performance. His rendition of No Doubt’s Don’t Speak was beautiful. And Jordin Sparks did very well. (She looked like my cousin, Liz. Haha.) And I was impressed with Phil Stacey this week.

As usual, I didn’t like Sanjaya Malakar’s performance. (He once again ruined one of my favourite songs.) And that “mohawk”, what was he thinking? Anyone out there think he needs a haircut A.S.A.P.? Yea, me too.

I honestly wished it was a No Doubt week instead of just Gwen Stefani being their mentor. It’d be nice if they sang No Doubt songs. I can imagine Gina Glocksen doing Just A Girl. Nice. Oh, Gina did well this week too.

My fingertips are hurting because last night I had this thing my parents called “begilir”. I have no idea what it is, but they say it’s suppose to buang angin, whatever is in your body and whatnot. It hurt a bit last night, but I think the guy drove the white pepper seed (?) into a few of my fingernail bed. It’s a bit hard when I’m shampooing and washing my hands.

I am happy with my life at the moment because I finally found a place where I can find clothes that fit me! The downside of this is that it’s a bit pricey, so I can only be happy when their clothes are on sale. Like today, I bought myself a green cardigan for work which had cost me a flippin’ B$102! (New arrival, so no sale.) And a black tube top for B$18.50! Bargain! Hey, it’s for the tops that have somewhat plunging necklines, okay? I won’t go out with a mere tube top! :P

Talk about splurging.


9 responses to “Sugar for my honey

  1. Serial Blog Commenter


    Shopping-nya. I dunno about you but I’m still in my Idol fatigue phase. Mcm I can do without it and I don’t need to read about it.

    I agree that Phil did well but he still needs to get off my screen ASAP. Dude is just weird looking and fugly. HATE.

    $102? Hey big spender….. haha. Siuk eh. Jeles ku. Wear it on Friday! :P

    Also, I miss your reviews :( I’m such a loyal reader tapi nada review….. *sob-sob*

    Bah, that’s it for now. I’m beat.

  2. Serial Blog Commenter

    OK, I am POSITIVE I typed a comment and when I pressed submit, hilang tia.

    Boooo. Malas kan taip semula lage.

  3. One of your comments was marked under spam! LOL! It must mean you put rubbish in it. Kidding. Phil has weird eyebrows, did you notice? Someone must’ve done their magic on them and ended up disastrous.

    $102.. my mom had a say in it. She said, “I’ll give you most of that money back, it’s not everyday you get to buy something nice like that.” Yea. If it were to be just me shopping, I’d say, “I’ll wait for your next sale.” But my mom used her tricks on me again. Haha.

    Won’t wear it on Friday. Maybe for some other big occasion. Like maybe the semi-finals over at the cold, cold studio A. Maybe. Haha, sayangku kan that cardy.

  4. Your most welcome Tina…Wohooo, we get to hang out at workplace esok :p hehehe cya :)

  5. sanjaya is still in? *pfft*

  6. Sanjaya should go bald. And then leave the competition :X

  7. urgh don’t even get me started on sanjaya! >=(

  8. Sanjaya RockSSSSSSSS!!!
    Not bothered with what u people say about him..he’s my idol..!

  9. Marilyn, I guess after that day, we won’t be making an appearance any time soon. ;)

    Rosie, he is. :(

    Sha, hahaha, people should just vote for those who can entertain us. He sure can’t entertain me.

    Di, I know, right?

    Poolittle, there has to be people who thinks he rocks. Else, he wouldn’t still be in the competition. ;)

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