Tiny update

Didn’t realize that I haven’t been updating for 4 days now..

Probably there’s just nothing much for me to do besides bum about at home. Well, that and impulsive spending.

Besides impulsive spending, which isn’t much because there’s not much to spend in the first place, I have been watching Princess Hours on DVD. I’ve just finished the series this morning, after I picked my mom from the hospital. I don’t really like the ending, but I like the middle bits of the series the most. The bits at the end just seem so dramatic. It’s like every bit of drama that’s lacking in the beginning comes out at the end, which is a bit too much, I guess.

I do like the songs in the drama, though. Perhaps Love and Stay being the ones I happen to hum along to when I’m not watching Princess Hours. LOL.

Here, knock yourselves out.

Perhaps Love by Howl & J.

Stay (acoustic)

The thing I like with Korean drama is that the process of falling for someone is depicted so clearly, you can’t help but feel what they feel. Or maybe that’s just from my point of view. My Girl is still my favourite, though. The eye candy in Princess Hours is Prince Yul, but sometimes he looks like a kid and his initial hair colour doesn’t suit him at all.

I’m currently watching A Moment To Remember, but I’m on a small break. Haha. Unbelievably, I might add. I don’t take breaks when watching any Korean drama/TV series unless they are boring, or I have to have a toilet break, or it’s changing to another CD/DVD. And sleep. Well, basically I don’t take breaks. I dunno. I’ve never liked Korean movies, they’re too short. They don’t capture much.

But my friends say it’s a definite tearjerker. And I’m going to learn all the basic Korean words so that when Izzah comes back, I know what to say. Hahaha. Hey, what if she’s forgotten Malay altogether? It’s a possibility. So I must prepare myself. Hahaha. Kidding, Zah. (P.S.: I MISS YOU TOO!)

That’s all for my update. For those interested to have coffee, you know how to reach me and where to bring me. ;)


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