Money matters

Ooh! Not only pay was out, but school allowance was too! Never have I seen so much money in my bank account!

So I brought my parents out to a nice dinner where we can be comfortable and have quality food at the same time: DeliNutreesh. I had salmon steak with mushroom and black pepper sauce, while the parental units both had chicken steak and my sister had the lamb chop. Lovely stuff. Haven’t dined there since the middle of last year.

Planning on getting myself a trim tomorrow. Pamper myself for one last time before I stress out about bills.


13 responses to “Money matters

  1. Wah~ Siuk nye!…

  2. Yess Coffee Bean..Haha. ;P

  3. Sel, I know, right? ;)

    War, bah lakastah! Heehee.

  4. Darkness Light

    Woah… $$… haha. My pay still not out yet. T_T. I wan… coffee bean too…

  5. Darkness Light

    Wow… TMNT… Teenage Mutant Ninja Tortises…I mean Turtles. haha. Thought turtles have fins as their hind legs?

  6. Aww that is sweet, bringing your parents out for a nice dinner :)

  7. Serial Blog Commenter

    You’re my bestest friend. Just thought that you should know that. :P

    BTW, have something to update you on! Aarrgh, I really put my foot in my mouth this time.

  8. Heheh i just wish the allowance will go on till we graduate may… boring eh ani till march saja.. haha mau labih lagi tu *lol*

  9. Hmm…. that doesn’t really apply for those who’s still on gaji hari I guess..

    sad for me

  10. Darkness Light, I forgot the differences between tortoises and turtles, but there are species that don’t have fins as their legs, I think.

    Sha :)

    SBC, whatsit, whatsit, whatsit??

    Marlina, if we had until May, I’d be ecstatic! Haha, allowance worth more than 1K is very appealing at the moment. It’s worth the wait, sort of.

    Nonnie, what doesn’t apply?

  11. I like that ;)

    TINZ. AKU BACK ONLINE AND BLOGGING. Nyahahahahahahhaha. laju sudah koneksen kami hahahahahhahaha. hope you’re well ;)

  12. Faz.. like what? Hehe. In the previous comment, I was confused as well. What’s going on here? LOL.

    WELCOME BACK TO THE UPDATING WORLD, FAZ!! :D Siuk jua laju connection.. Sini.. dui ma.

    I’m all right, hope you’re doing fine as well. :)

  13. Hi Tins! I miss youuuu!! ;( xx

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