Mr. Bean’s Holiday

My sister and I think Mr. Bean’s Holiday was hilarious. Maybe it was because I wasn’t expecting much from it. But yea, it was funny. The first bits weren’t so, but 20-30 minutes into the movie, my sister and I started to laugh like we were the only two in the cinema. But everyone else was laughing too, so it didn’t matter. I hope. Teehee.

I’m not going to review it, just head into the cinema without expecting it to be funny, and it’ll end up being funny. That’s how I make the movie worth my money. (Not this time, though, yeay!) And there were free popcorn and drinks!

Big thanks to my colleague, John, for giving me the tickets. :)


6 responses to “Mr. Bean’s Holiday

  1. yawah? bah nanti ku liat eh. i need a break from my workkkkkkk waaaaa. baiktah ku bawa diriku meliat wayang puas2 masa easter break.

    hi Tina, batah inda leave comments :)

  2. Now I don’t know, because some people said it wasn’t funny. LOL. But just watch it lah, for a good time.

    Hi, Tiq! :D

  3. I agree if you go into the cinema without expecting a movie to be funny it’ll end up being funny. :)

    We wanted to watch it yesterday at the Mall but it was fully booked. Payday tah lagi!

  4. Awu, I heard there were no more seats until Sunday night! Entah banar kah inda.

  5. I like it when mr. bean jadi a french begger.. its hillariuos.. Hey, u said u got the tickets from your auntie?did know pulak john is your aunt? Lol…

  6. Hahahaha! AWU! I didn’t realize that the boy was Russian until the news said that Russian bigshot lost his son. Haha. I didn’t recognize his Russian at all. Tapi cali!

    Did I say it was from my aunt’s? LOL! Salah cakap tah ku tu! Bulih my aunt bagi.. My colleague’s friend tu bagi! Hahaha. Bulih lagi ku blonde? :P

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