Jelly bean

I’m going to watch Mr. Bean’s Holiday tonight. My colleague gave me his mom’s free tickets from HSBC, and I’m going with my little sister since I was a bit harsh to her yesterday about eating my candy bar without my permission. Anyway, I’ve never had free tickets before, so let me show you how it looks like! (Kes iski ni ah.)


Anyway.. I was at The Mall this morning until this afternoon, to help man one of the two ITB booths of the Crown Prince’s CIPTA thingy. Okay, fine, my SDP team’s project was being shown to the public, else I wouldn’t bother coming and staying. So we were there, and the Crown Prince was talking to one of my classmates (Ratz, in particular) about the system. There were three systems there and hopefully, we have showcased at least what students from CIS department, ITB are capable of.

Then I was teasing our lecturers to treat us to some food since it’s pay day, and one of our lecturers, my team’s SDP supervisor, Hj. Rudy, finally caved in. Kidding. Sel and I were a bit surprised that he was for real. (Nada wah, not really. Haha.) So we ate at Swensen’s and filled ourselves with food to the brim. (Thanks again, sir! :D)

To War, Rosie, Atul and Maurina: I found out the boy’s name! (The boy from yesterday bah.)

I’m a wee bit tired now, going to take a small nap before anything else. Planning to watch The Princess Hours episode 6 soon. I’ve finally gotten over the illusion that My Girl is the best Korean series ever. I sort of told myself that I won’t be able to watch other Korean series because it won’t be as good as My Girl. But, like I said, I’ve gotten over it now. LOL.

Off for my nap.

And to auntie, hello! Fancy seeing you here. :)


13 responses to “Jelly bean

  1. Serial Blog Commenter



    Ok, I checked the results for Idols this morning. I take what I said yesterday back. I am going to watch it after all because the Bottom 3 is quite interesting, no?

    Japanese and then Swensens? You’re on a roll woman!

  2. Was there even a bottom three? I read over at ledgeridol that there was only two of them being shown. I’m more interested in who’s going home, I guess. But I think if the performances were of songs I knew, I’d at least look forward to a few. (I wasn’t trying to rhyme.)

    Haha, and at night Mr. Bean’s Holiday? It’s more of a Taurean, Excapade and Swensens all lined up nicely. LOL. Swensens lunch was not planned! Haha.

  3. hahahahahaah you found out his name!!!!!!!!! DID YOU REALLY SIT THERE AT 4PM THE NEXT DAY??? nanti ku bagi annonymous phonecall ke tempat nya bekeraja atu bagitau namamu si tina and u have a crush on him. wohahahah.. wohahahah… wohahahah!

  4. Hi. Thanks again for sending that text post-haste. (;

  5. Maurina, I did not! My lecturer told me that I was the third person he knew that liked him! And he told me his name! So there. Hahaha. Bah agatah you tell him, it’s not like he knows who Tina is! Haha! :P

    Zippy, no worries. :)

  6. Ohh catu cetanya. Heheh. :P Your lecturer knows him?? Haha.

  7. No, my lecturer doesn’t know him, but he said it was a long story. He didn’t cut it short. Nyeh. But I know he doesn’t know the eye candy. Hehe.

  8. I went to the CIPTA fair today, yours = the three PC in the ITB booth, showing a shopping website, and another two I don’t know what is it because I didn’t look into it (shy, lol), I think one of them = Computer aided learning? Got like kid-kid stuffs, hehe.

  9. omg! hahahaha

    he approached YOU?????? oh dear… hehehe apatah his name???

  10. Hj Rudy sounds sooo familiar.. hmmmmmmmmmmm……. how did ur lecturer found out his name?? *lol*

  11. IngSiang, the shopping website you mentioned was our project. It’s actually an online ordering system. And the kids’ stuff is e-learning. :)

    Rosie, who approached me? If you’re talking about the CB guy, no, he didn’t. I didn’t go to CB the day after we hung out. To be more specific, I haven’t been there since we hung out. LOL. (Nantitah ku cerita how he knew. Hee.)

  12. Yeah Hj. Rudy sounds familiar. Lecturer ITB yang main handball atu kah hehe.

  13. Hehe, entah ah.. He might be.

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