Good day

Today is a happy day.

Will edit this soon. I’m going to catch American Idol now, I’ve already missed one performance.

Added: I’ve decided to stop watching American Idol tonight. After LaKisha Jones not performing up to standards, I went all, “Blah.” Sorry, I’m not going to watch tonight’s show. After reading ledgeridol’s posts and telling all about the songs, they don’t excite me much. There were a lot of great British songs from the 1960’s, but somehow they chose ones that I’m not familiar with, thus I’m hearing for the first time, meaning it’s hard for me to like a song which I’ve only heard once. However, I’m pleased that Blake Lewis has gotten great comments from the judges, but I wasn’t too thrilled on his performance.

Like I said, I got bored.

Anyway, I was out with a few girl bloggers for lunch at Excapade. Rosie, Zippy, Ness, Nonnie, Serene (and two friends), Maurina and I were all munching away on our lunch, waiting for War and Atul to arrive. Both of them arrived after we finished, so they didn’t get to have lunch with us. Atul, War, Rosie and I headed to The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf because Rosie’s laptop was there, downloading the torrent to the latest Grey’s Anatomy episode. Am I glad I followed Rosie over there because I feasted my eyes on a little eye candy. Hahaha. Nice. :D

Oh, I just received a text message from Selina, telling me that our project is going on the CIPTA exhibition tomorrow at The Mall in Gadong! Interesting! :D I’m definitely heading down there and check it out in the morning.

There was also bad news in the text, because the MRS was postponed to April 7th instead of the aforementioned March 24th on the invitation! How I wish to let them know that I lost B$55 because I couldn’t do a show on this 24th just so I could attend the bloody thing! Now they’ve postponed it?! Sasak ku eh.

I promised myself nothing’s going to ruin my day today because I received a few nice things from the boyfriend when I got home, and it just made me smile so widely and so warm inside.

It’s a good day.

P.S.: SBC, hopefully you get the hint that there will be no AI review tonight. ;)


9 responses to “Good day

  1. I forgot to say this to your face earlier but I think you’re gorgeous in real life. ;)

    And btw, I think the guy was checking you out tadi. Either that or you were blatantly staring. :P Agatah ikut Rosie lagi sana hehe.

  2. Serial Blog Commenter

    No worries Tina… I know what you mean. I was watching Larry King Live during the 6pm to 7pm hour because they had the gold digging slut, Heather Mills, on and she was more interesting than all 11 Idols plus Simon and Gang combined! How about that?

    Do I really care who gets voted off tomorrow? Most likely not.

  3. yep… im loving tina’s hair as well.. *pfft*.. mcm nda payah di usai saja.. kambang hehehe…

    btw jadi u want GA episodes?? aku damam plang nie… ill let u know if im up n cb-ing ltr aight.

  4. Yeah I thought last night’s show was boring as well..

  5. If only I stayed a little long..

  6. War, aww.. I don’t know if I deserve that, but thank you! You have no idea how you made my day. :) [About the guy “checking me out”, I think he was laughing his head off because I was looking at him constantly. I can’t help it, he’s not exactly an eyesore!]

    SBC, I thought I wasn’t going to miss a lot, and evidently I didn’t. I know who’s out already, and I didn’t even care. Haha.

    Rosie, mau! But bila? Text saja whenever you’re heading over to CB. Make sure it’s CB. :P Hahaha.

    Sha, I hope I wouldn’t get bored with next week’s!

    Nonnie, yea, you could’ve seen the guy who’s nice on the eyes. ;)

  7. Ehhhh banar your hair, your eyes, your smile..baik jua ku inda lesbo. Hahaha kana pikir weird ni karang. :P

    Had to restrain myself from turning around too much and stare at him pulang jua. ;P

  8. Aww, thanks! (Not so sure about the lesbian bit, though, hehe.) :D

    See? He’s not so bad-looking, right? LOL. ;)

  9. i see… hehe we have a CB convert here~~.. alert alert :p

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