Rodrigo Santoro

I can’t believe I forgot to post about this. Love Actually’s Karl is 300’s Xerxes!!! How can he be so hot in one movie and so freaky in another?! (Hint: No, he wasn’t hot in 300.)

By the way, his name is Rodrigo Santoro and he is absolutely, fabulously hot. I just can’t believe he was Xerxes. I completely didn’t see that.

Oh, and also, 300 kicks Troy’s ass. Serious.

P.S.: I don’t like Love Actually.


11 responses to “Rodrigo Santoro

  1. He was great in 300. I don’t have much opinion on the looks aspect, but he did a great job as Xerses. I don’t remember his role in Love Actually.

    Troy is one of my favorite movies, but yes, 300 stomps all over it, quite easily.


  2. He definitely did a great job, because he was so in character and I didn’t recognize him at all! But I find Xerxes a bit freaky.

    If you remember the woman who has the husband admitted in some institution.. the woman who has an affair? Rodrigo Santoro’s character was the other man. Hopefully, that’ll refresh your memory. :)

    I’m glad two people agree with me now that 300 beats Troy. :)

  3. I don’t know which character in Love Actually is him but I am sure that there’s no such freaky character in Love actually. xD

    Xerxes is gay, IMO. xD

    Btw, about the Akira Talent Time thingy, OMG! So embarassing! xD But the dude beside me so brave! @_@ Btw, he’s not a friend of us, we just sorta dragged him into it, haha. xD And wao, you still remember my face? xD Btw, are you on duty that day? Since you’re part-time co-presenter…

    P.S: And I saw my own photo on… OMG…

  4. That’s why! He looks so hot and in 300, he is Xerxes. Where’s the justice in that? He’s like the male Gisele Bunchen. Well, he’s Brazilian, that’s all. And male. Haha.

    Anyway. I’m a presenter now. :) I was there, doing live reports, crossing over to the studio. I was the one in purple, if you noticed. :P There were no more reports to be done so I was there to support my colleagues.

    I have a photographic memory, I guess? Haha, I’m good with faces. I remembered you the first time your friends were taking pictures with Ms. Mui. Hehe. I said to myself, “Nah, that isn’t IngSiang.” Then you went to the front of the stage and lo and behold, it was you! Hehe.

  5. I love Karl. He was hawt haha. Xerxes was just a disgusting scum bag lol.

  6. Yes! Someone who remembers him! Wuhoo! He sizzles, doesn’t he? He’s the only thing I remember from Love Actually. (Because I don’t really like the movie, hehe.)

  7. mann i have to rewatch so many things nie haha..

    kan cari Meredith Grey in Friends season 10..
    and now xerxes!!… hahaha and King Leonidas is also in another movie that im gonna watch…. lupa ku sudah…

  8. Gerard Butler (King Leonidas) acted in Phantom of The Opera and also, Frankie. Or is it Letters To Frankie? I forgot, but I want to watch the latter so much. :|

  9. oh.. it was her husband kah in the institution? all this time i thought it was her brother hehe.. baru tah paham..

    i haven’t watched 300 yet so i’m not sure how he looks like in that movie, but if i catch it, i’ll be sure to look out for him

    and how could you not like Love Actually?! if you like Cinta, you should like Love Actually.. although i’m not sure if you like Cinta or not. I might be confusing you with someone else. I read too many blogs, it’s hard to keep up who said what.

    ooops sorry for the long ‘comment’..

    p/s: rosie.. Gerard Butler was in Tomb Raider 2.. he’s hot!

  10. I liked Cinta! But I didn’t like Love Actually. Haha, that’s one of the weirdest things that I always tell people. I’m thinking that I like Cinta because I’ve never been a big fan of Malaysian movies because they end up being predictable and boring, and then suddenly Cinta comes out.. It was brilliant and I was in love with it. Love Actually.. not so much. Hehe.

    Oh, if you watch 300, you won’t be able to miss Mr. Santoro. Well, you won’t see him the way he is, but you’ll definitely know who Xerxes is. You can’t miss him. Haha.

    Don’t worry, it’s not long, the space is too narrow, thus making it seem long. You can post long comments, and it’ll be a pleasure for me to read them. So long as they’re not hate comments, haha.

    Oh yea ah.. he was in the second installment of Tomb Raider also.. The bad ex. It’s the accent, I tell myself. He was on Ellen, and he’s so adorable!

  11. Allydee, I received word that it was actually her brother and not her husband! Haha, that’s my bad. Oops. :$

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