For the eyes

I’ve finally gotten the pictures off of the digital camera, and err.. I haven’t got a lot of good ones. LOL. I’ve managed to scrummage through ten, so here they are. Click on them to enlarge. (Because my pretty, new layout doesn’t allow huge-sized images to not be broken.)

The registration counter One of the contestants The judges The technical side of everything My cousins and I At the end of day 1 preliminaries John & Izan Guess who? ;)

They’re a hassle to edit because the original size of one image is more than 1MB. They took a while to edit, okay? So at least there are a few pictures. :P

I’m going to put up a teaser of what’s to come. (From Marilyn’s digital camera.)


This was taken during the night before Frankie’s 16th 19th birthday. We surprised him on air, and it was so much fun. :) So expect that in future updates.


4 responses to “For the eyes

  1. Hey, yo, Tina! :) oh, you’ve changed your layout, cute and nice. I have to actually use my spectacles though because the font is a bit small to me. I’m kinda blind, so bear with me, Tina! But it’s a nice blog! Hehe. Anyway! About the after-talentime moment we had that night, it was quite worth it..heh, padas telinga ku lapas atu. And i still remember Mike’s murtabak and pimple murtabak until today! O mY!….

    Ohhh you have some pictures here.. lol, I was in a mess masa Pic yang frankie’s 19th bday atu…! Kacau. Mana ku tau kamu kan surprise Frankie! Haha, bila jua aku lawa lawa masa DJ duty :P haha…alright, tina..see you when i see you ;) Capers lagi nanti ah

  2. LOL. Hi, Ruzanna! Lapang tarus telinga wah when we went to Capers.

    I haven’t got the pictures from Marilyn yet, but I hope to get them from her soon. Nantitah belawa-lawa masa duty! Haha.

  3. u must be joking that frankie is 19! I’m already coming 23 and i remember he was already a Dj when i was soooo much younger a decade ago

  4. No, no, no.. Haha. It’s sort of an inside joke, saying that Frankie is 16. Last year, he was 16 too. This year, he says he’s 16, but I convinced him that he was 19. LOL.

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