Tonight has been one of the nights that I’m willing to remember for always. While I was working, I had a caller off air, and received the nicest comments I have ever had from a complete stranger. And what was the nicest, was that he had said, “May Allah bless you.” It made me go “awwh” and actually fumble a lot on air.

It’s just one of those highs that makes you think you want to be in this job area forever.

Anyway, I’ve got more pictures. This time, dare I say, from a listener! (Thanks Darkness Light! :D)


L-R: Izan, me, Sean, Frankie, Marilyn, John and Izah. (Blocked by Frankie is Mike, and blocked by John is Ruzanna.) Hehe.


This is me, along with Mike, reporting live to the on-air studio on what’s happening. I grabbed this photo because never have I seen my thighs look so small! LOL. My face looks funny while I’m talking, though. Fortunately, these aren’t thumbnails and you can’t really view them large. Ha.

I’m still happy by that caller. Thank you!, whoever you are.


4 responses to “:)

  1. I think I saw you, but I don’t know that’s you! xD My friends they all were looking at you people, and listening to the live FM through mobiles… xD

  2. Darkness Light

    No worries. ;8- )

  3. Serial Blog Commenter

    Yay, more piccies!

    Thanks for the ‘info’. As mentioned to you, I have two that are assigned so I guess that makes it easier a bit lah. Or not. Entah eh.

    Heh, here I come!

    Yuk-yuk-yuk :P

  4. IngSiang, haha, that’s all right. :) Thanks for being there.

    SBC, yeay! You’re either going to have a ball or otherwise, so hope you have the former. Haha. :P Right.

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