You can’t have it all. Period.

I am too beat. Beaaaaaaat. I don’t have the pictures from the P.A.T. 2007 walk-in auditions yet. I don’t know if it was a success or not, but I would like to think that it is. Almost everyone was there, and I was happy about it. I don’t know why. It was fun, especially what happens after. We ate at Capers in Kiulap, and the pasta with the lamb shank (forgot the name of the dish) was brilliant. I loved it. We were having the all you can eat offer, and we ordered four plates of that particular dish. Outrageous, but we finished 3 and a half plates. LOL.

Like I said, it was fun. If there were pictures, I’d show them to you. But I don’t have it now, like I mentioned earlier.

So I was doing Marilyn’s Triple 1 show for her today (you’re welcome! :D) and a newcomer was observing the way I work the console. It was a bit tough having someone there constantly, without s/he being a co-presenter, but I made it. Anyway, when I got home, there was nothing to eat, so I went with my mom to get some late lunch. I had soto, which was very heavy and it’s making me want to sleep. Even now. It’s crazy.

I have to do some light exercises, my mom told me the adrenaline could do me good. Okay, she didn’t exactly say that, but she implied it. Ergh. I’m not a big fan of exercising. Give me netball anytime. (Maybe it’s because I don’t see netball as exercising? Haha.)

Before I go, I might not have to post the locked entry that I said in the previous post. But we’ll see.

I’ll reply to your comments soon. Thanks so much for dropping by and saying hi! Appreciate it. :)


2 responses to “You can’t have it all. Period.

  1. Serial Blog Commenter

    Nyaman jua eh. Glad you had fun. Because it’ll be one of the last times, muahaha *evil laughter*

    Meanwhile, wow.. you’re someone’s “mentor” now. Lucky fellow. I’m sure you were great. I have a hunch you’ll be doing that a bit more soon. Just saying.

    Jgn lupa ah. Our thingy *ahem*. No, not THAT thing. You guys are gross.

  2. Whaddya mean last time?! :P It better not be, I happen to semi-enjoy days out like that.

    Not so much a mentor, the newcomer is observing pretty much everyone who’s on, haha. If there are going to be more, then I’ll be most distracted in the coming months! Just saying (used without permission, but who cares.) :P

    Yes, I won’t forget our thingy. Won’t that be story of the year, though? People and their gossip.

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