I love new things

Ooh! Me likey the new layout. I didn’t see myself using it at first, though. I have a feeling I’m going to have to make full use of thumbnails the next time I upload pictures. Or maybe I’ll just wait for a new layout to be uploaded by WordPress.com. LOL. One of the cons of using WP.com. Anyway. I’ll reply a few comments in this post.

SBC: Bah, I add you soon. As soon as I get online on MSN. Teehee.

Sha: It’s really embarrassing when I think of it, but it happens! I know my kids are going to cringe when they know how their dad and I met. But to us, it’ll simply be another sweet memory. (Hopefully.)

Marilyn: You betcha we had fun! Haha. So many scandalous things to talk about! Seriously, someone should record us talking and people wouldn’t know that Pilihan DJs are so feisty! LOL.

Darkness Light: You are welcome! :) Thanks for coming over. Although I’m not quite sure which one you are. (Care to come up with a name? Hehe.)


11 responses to “I love new things

  1. Serial Blog Commenter

    Ohh, me likey the layout. Nice

    NOOOOOOO, that’s not what i meant. Remember, what i told you over the telephone masa dinner?????? Aiks, telupa dah. Boring eh

  2. Serial Blog Commenter

    Oh, tee-hee.

    Nevermind. I just read your other comment. You remembered… awwww, shucks!

  3. This is something new!
    I mean, really different compared with the 2 column or 3 column blog templates.

  4. Tina & SBC, watcha up to kan?

  5. SBC, you weirdo.

    Nonnie, lawa, right? :)

    Ka Zian, tu tanya SBC. :P

  6. Hahaha..yea we all had fun..esp with the murtabak thingie…can’t get it out of my mind hahaha…n who wud haf thought we P. Djs are so y****w minded as well… LOL….and guess what, i’m still into the lamb shank….LOL Lets all hang out again sometime soon :p :p

  7. Ohh…n btw, i love the new layout :p :p

  8. Darkness Light

    Haha, Wait till I upload the candid videos on all the DJs talking and performing. lol.

    You want me to name a name? Uhm… how bout Mikey is so hot! :8- X

    here’s anothe clue… Izan… I Z A N… haha

    P.s. To be honest, this new layout lookz like the one on http://www.my7thlife.com
    ;8- )

  9. Marilyn, we’ve definitely got to hang out more. Especially at Capers. Especially after your first time. That lamb shank was great. We have to thank Mike for that one. Hahaha. (But no credits to him on the murtabak thingy, haha, macam sakit!)

    Darkness Light, OH! I know which one you are now. You have candid videos?! Do you have a candid video of me? I hope it’s a flattering candid video. You have to filter it through me first. Haha. And this layout does not look like my7thlife.com! LOL. :P

  10. Looooove this layout. Heee..

  11. Darkness Light

    Yea. It’s up on the web now… spreading like wild fire. Dun worry… the candid ones aren’t about you. Some of the pics are though. ;8- )

    They are all up on the site. Feel free to check them out. If you dunno my site… uhm… ask around?


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