Oh, happy day!

Before I start posting, let me just say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to DJ Frankie and my Uncle! — Liz’s dad. And also, a big, hearty congratulations to the Royal couple on the new arrival. Somehow I’m elated that it’s a prince. :)

Now that that’s out of the way.

I am exhausted! I haven’t felt exhausted since I passed my HND and become a semi-bum. I was in the OA studio in Bandar this morning, because I had a slot from 11AM to 1PM. And I had to crossover to the guys at The Mall in Gadong because of the roadshow. Initially, I thought it was a roadshow. But it was just some sort of quarter-hourly report and everything. So that just sort of disrupted the flow of the show I was doing, and I ended up getting a messed-up mind because of it. I’m over it, though.

Anyway. I went to lunch with my family, and we bumped into my dad’s ex-girlfriend from his heydays. That was funny. I didn’t know why I was amused that my parents had exes. I guess in that corner of my mind, I’m still very much naïve. But it’s so cute! My dad had ex-girlfriends and my mom had ex-boyfriends. Who would’ve thunk?

I went to The Mall in Gadong after that, to give moral support. For a post on this matter, I will lock it and will only give the password to the people I know. Thank you, and stay tuned for the said post. ;)

But anyway, I was there from 2PM-5PM, the allocated time for the walk-in auditions. I couldn’t put the whole three hours into words, but I will put them into pictures. Pictures I will put up as soon as I can get a hold of the USB cable for the digital camera. Or whatever they call that cable to transfer the images onto my laptop. There are a few potential Pilihan-Akira Talentime 2007 winners, but we’ll see what the judges say.

Oh, goodness, I am so sleepy now. Will post up entries again soon. ;)


4 responses to “Oh, happy day!

  1. Serial Blog Commenter


    I was planning to drop by today actually but something popped up last minute.

    Ooooh, so word has spread, I take it? And I better get a password for the post or else…

    Apaler u, asked you to add me to your MSN and you haven’t yet! That way, you and your goldfish memory can have the pleasure of updating me whenever you think of something.


  2. Isn’t amusing when episodes like that remind you that our parents were once upon a time young? Imagine what our kids would think of us next time! :)

  3. Yea, ive to agree it’s really sweet…n next time we have our stories to tell our future kids too :) Yea, im dead tired too gal…thks 4 helping me to triple one…and hey, dun forget to let me haf all the pics too k? we exchange all ..for the memories…we all had fun didnt we? winks :p :p

  4. Darkness Light

    Great Job on saturday and sunday! :)

    Thanks for the umbrella too. haha

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