Top 12

If you don’t like reading my American Idol 6 opinion posts, then I suggest you stop here. (Official line to use from now on because I don’t like splitting my posts [unless it’s revealing who gets eliminated.] ;))

This week’s mentor was Diana Ross.

Let’s start from the top.. Brandon Rogers. He was a disappointment. Actually, all of the boys were a disappointment. All with the exception of Blake Lewis, but I might just be biased because I have a teeny tiny crush on the guy. Anyway. Back to Brandon, he’s one of my favourites, sort of like a male Melinda Doolittle, but he’s not as good as the said contestant. He couldn’t rise to become a great performer tonight, and that in itself is disappointing. I was hoping that he’d do great.

Melinda Doolittle was the second to go on stage and I’m in awe of her voice, still. I didn’t know the song (so much of self-proclaimed retro on the station), but her voice was fantastic. To be honest, I don’t know most of the songs. But when I do, the contestants butchered the said songs. Tsk.

Speaking of the master butcher, Chris Sligh destroyed Endless Love to a pulp. I never really hated Chris S., but tonight, I really, really didn’t like him because it was horrible. The feeling to the song completely evaporated if it existed in the first place. That was our song and he totally ruined it. I can’t wait for him to go home. I wouldn’t even mind if he goes before Sanjaya Malakar.

Up next was Gina Glocksen, but I wasn’t impressed with her this week. Nothing much left to say.

Sanjaya Malakar was, as usual, flat as a board. Boring to the maximum and he’s nothing like the other contestants, not even Brandon Rogers’ performance tonight. Even Randy Jackson said it was un-listen-able. All I can say for now is, send Sanjaya home, America!

Haley Scarnato faded in the background again tonight, I’m afraid. I didn’t even realize that she had made a mistake because I wasn’t paying too much attention to her performance. One of the first girls that should go.

I don’t know about you guys, but I don’t really like Phil Stacey. He doesn’t cut it, for me. He should work on his low notes, he can’t really do them well, in my opinion.

LaKisha “Kiki” Jones was brilliant. No surprises there. However, it wasn’t one of my favourite performances from her. I loved her the most when she sang And I’m Telling You. Anyway.. I feel that it’s the girls’ year this year.

Blake Lewis’ song made an effect on me, if not a ripple. His vocals weren’t so great, but I loved the song, no matter what the judges say. (Like I said, I might be biased because of the microscopic crush.) I thought that his effort in making the song his own worked, but Chris Sligh’s didn’t.

I liked Stephanie Edwards’ outfit tonight, but other than that, it was another Gina for me. Chris Richardson has got to stop looking and sounding like Justin Timberlake. Okay, fine, at least sound as good as Justin, yea? If it were still the auditions, I’d have a big, fat no for him.

American Idol saved the best for the last tonight. Jordin Sparks’ vocal performance was beautiful. I think she’s pretty, and I think she’ll go a long way in this season. Not liking the song choice, though, but she was brilliant nonetheless.

What the top 12 sang, in order of appearance. Aiseh. (Via ledgeridol):

  1. Brandon Rogers: “Can’t Hurry Love”
  2. Melinda Doolittle: “Home”
  3. Chris Sligh: “Endless Love”
  4. Gina Glocksen: “Love Child”
  5. Sanjaya Malakar: “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough”
  6. Haley Scarnato: “Missing You”
  7. Phil Stacey: “I’m Gonna Make You Love Me”
  8. LaKisha Jones: “God Bless The Child”
  9. Blake Lewis: “You Keep Me Hanging On”
  10. Stephanie Edwards: “Love Hangover”
  11. Chris Richardson: “The Boss”
  12. Jordin Sparks: “If We Hold On Together”

2 responses to “Top 12

  1. Serial Blog Commenter

    Top 12 was boring.

    Didn’t go ‘wow’.

    Sorry, I didn’t read your post because I got scared by the sheer length.

    Thanks for the effort though. I’ll read it karang.

  2. I went “wow” with Jordin’s vocal performance tonight. Other than that, they were just great, and you’re right, no “wow”.

    Haha, scared you, huh? Should do it again. ;P

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