This afternoon, we bade farewell to one of my greatest friends in this whole wide world, Izzah.

From left: Hamizah, Zawanah, Izun, Izzah, Amni, Amani, Rogayah and Peeps.

Safe to say that the pipes burst at the airport today. We are going to miss you, Zah! (I keep telling myself that she’s going to be back in no time.)

Mizah, Wanah and I went to watch a movie after that. We planned on watching 300, but we missed it.. so we decided to watch Norbit. That was a hilarious movie. I proceeded to watch 300 on my own, after we watched Norbit. I loved it! Loooved it. I don’t mind a few Spartan boys coming my way. LOL.

If anyone wants to treat me out to a movie, then I’ll gladly watch 300 again with you. Hehe.


7 responses to “Adieu

  1. Serial Blog Commenter

    did you cry????

  2. Yes!! A lot, at that.

  3. thanks for coming to the airport. yea we did cry :)

    bah nanti i text you about watching a movie. hehe

  4. Baik jua inda banjir, ka ah? Hehe. A big YEAY! on the movie. :D

  5. Serial Blog Commenter


    I didn’t cry! Wooohooo.

    And how come I didn’t get a ‘thanks’ for showing up at the airport?

    And also, the invitation for the movie?

    Life sucks!

  6. You nearly! (And the reason why you didn’t was because you chickened out. Got e-mails to write lah, apa lah. Hahaha.)

    Hehe, I’m not the one handing out the invitations. *looks at Ka Zian*


  7. love hugs and kisses from Koreaa!! take care of yourself. I am going home soon. Dont worry!! :D

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