Somewhat of an ANTM 8 review

So I watched America’s Next Top Model cycle 8 on YouTube before they were taken down and the owners’ accounts suspended because of copyright violation, and I have to say, Jaslene takes fierce photos. If you remember her, she was the one who didn’t make the cut in cycle 7.

Spoilers of cycle 8 ahead.

So far, I think Renee is a bitch. In the very first episode, I thought she was cool because she was assertive and whatnot.. as the episodes went on.. She’s becoming more of a backstabbing, jealous bitch. I hate her, the way I hate Jade from cycle 6. I can’t stand Renee and can’t wait for her to get eliminated.

Like I mentioned earlier, Jaslene takes good photos. Compared to the others, she seems like she knows what she’s doing. I don’t think she’s all that pretty nor gorgeous, but her photos come out really good.

I’m looking out for Jael, because she takes great photos as well. She’s also nice, but I can’t really tell if it’s just for show. She seems kind of cool and she carries the bookworm look real good.

Kathleen, the first girl to be eliminated out of the top 13, is sort of cute bordering annoying. She’s a bit light in the head as she’s confused with everything. Her first and only photo shoot was funny/stupid because she just doesn’t know what she’s doing.

Samantha, the second girl to be eliminated, wasn’t open-minded enough, in my opinion. There was this one time where Jael was reading Tyra Mail in the nude with the exception of the big envelope covering her chest, and Samantha wasn’t all right with that. She sort of put Jael down, in my opinion, and she just couldn’t be open enough to accept it. She said she wasn’t raised that way. It’s not that anyone asked her to join in. Jangan pulang ikut. Glad she’s out, I bet that if she was in cycle 7, she wouldn’t make the cut to the top 13 because she wouldn’t pose nude. Whatever.

There’s a language barrier with Natasha in this cycle. She would’ve been better if she understood what teacher’s pet means. She’s a 21-year-old, Russian-born, college student who’s married to a 40-year-old. Nothing against the whole age gap thing, really.

Tyra had said that cycle 8 was the first cycle that there was two plus-sized girls in the top 13. They haven’t impressed me yet, but they are Whitney and Diana, if you’re interested. Won’t be bothered to talk about the other girls, but will soon. Drama can never contain itself within these girls. LOL.

So their house is supposedly the America’s Next Top Model Museum. It has pictures of past winners and whatnot. I’d personally want to be in CariDee’s room, but they didn’t show it. Haha, I think CariDee is the nicest albeit craziest ANTM winner so far.

And I’ve read somewhere on the Internet that in this cycle, they are heading over to Australia! Interesting. I can’t wait for episode 3/4 (YouTube video uploaders labelled the first episode into episodes 1 and 2, and labelled the second episode into episode 3. There’s a slight confusion.) Anyway, the next episode is the makeover episode!! Eek! (Sorry, “episode” overkill.)

P.S.: Catch the episodes on YouTube before they are brought down. ;)


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