Looking back

classic.jpgLet’s take an old picture and make fun of me. Haha. I found this in Liz’s room when there was a small doa selamat held there yesterday. No, not in her room, at her place. :P Anyway. This is the photo that I cringed the least when looking at me in the past. I still cringe because, look.. those slippers have to stay in the past. And those pants! LOL. Cringe. Totally.

That’s Liz and yours truly, by the way. This was taken in the years when I was still taller than Liz. Haha.

There was this one photo where I was wearing a short, red number and black stockings. Serious. And in that picture I looked as if I was embarrassed. Poser. Will not post it up, it’s way too embarrassing. But let’s share another blast from the past.

Something that I’m sure a majority of Bruneian kids in the 90’s stick on their school books.


Hahahahahahaha. Enough said. That phone number right there, was our old number back at the flat in the capital. Isn’t Smurfette cute? :)


6 responses to “Looking back

  1. hahahahaha gila rock jua Tina!! hahaha.. ampit jua ko haircut mushroom ah? hahaha..

  2. HAHA! Siapa yang inda ampit that kind of hairstyle ertinya bukan tah ia 80’s baby tu. LOL. Okay, not really, but hey, I wore it well! (Right.)

  3. Haha! Cute jua~~ Sama maseh pun ur face! Haha! U shud see me wen i got 2 pre-school. Haha! Mcm.. Wen my mum showed it 2 my cuz n bf.. Drg pacah ketawa.. Nanti tah i post arh frenster or anything. LOL! But i wanna see yg the one u sed pakai shorts ah. Haha! Sexy~

  4. Tinz!!! Cute juaaaa, u look the same lahhh.. Eh, not only did I paste those stickers on my books but I gave it out jus pasal ada my address and phone number too. Kononnya business card lah. LOL!

  5. Oh, that sweet smile.
    Should be your trademark already.

  6. Ratz, hahahaha, I want to see you in pre-school! I was actually in a red “dress” of sorts, and it was a bit short, and I posed as if I was embarrassed. LOL.

    Manz, haha, that’s all right. If I still look the same, that must mean I still look cute? Hahaha. Awu, we treated it as if they were professional business cards to be traded with each other!

    Nonnie, awwh, thanks! :) It’s to let people know that I don’t fake a “pose” when I take pictures. Haha, nada wah. :)

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