WHAT IN THE WORLD?! What’s the maximum recorded temperature for today’s forecast? IT’S BOILING OUT THERE! I regret even going out there. Even an ice cream wouldn’t take away the heat and make me feel better. What I need right now is a well air-conditioned room. And even my air-conditioner wouldn’t cool my room fast enough. I need another shower.

I was up before midday to pick my five-year-old cousin, Taufiq, up from school. I was running a little late and wouldn’t you know it, the car couldn’t start. I panicked, thinking, “Oh fudge! Do I have work today?” Fortunately, I don’t, so I called my mom up to ask someone else to pick Taufiq up.

Taufiq pictured in the middle. (We don’t do peace signs without the little man.)

My dad figured out what was wrong with my car. There was no battery water left in the car battery. Oh. Whatever that means. But anyway, I then accompanied my mom take my grandmother for her monthly checkup — in one car with my dad. I don’t know if it was affected by the weather, but boy, the RIPAS hospital was too warm for comfort! Okay, I wasn’t too bothered because there was ample space to breathe and whatnot. But it got a bit too uncomfortable for me when the three of us waited for nearly two hours for my grandmother’s name to be called. It bothered me a lot. I hate waiting, just so you know.

After that we had some soto someplace near our grandparents’ house, and when we got back home and I settled in (to my room where I’m trying to cool off), my mom shouted for me and asked me to come down because apparently the car still won’t start even though my dad replenished it with battery water. There I was, in my shabby clothes, twisting the key in the ignition, sweating like a big, fat pig burning under the sun.

The car still won’t start and I walked into the house drinking myself some ice-cold apple tea. After that, miraculously, my dad managed to start the car. Whoopee. Really. Great news for me because it means I can ascend to my room and take a good rest, trying to cool down.

So has anyone come up with the maximum temperature for today? Because I’d believe you if Brunei reached 40 degrees celcius.


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