Elevator Love by Guy Sebastian

I love this song, and the video clip to it is just so adorable! Reminds me of having crushes. Aww.


5 responses to “Elevator Love by Guy Sebastian

  1. Ke mana c izzah?

  2. Belayar ia tu! Lupa tu gitau, si pelupa ah. Kan ke Korea ia, belajar. Kana antar! Maklum, orang pandai~ ;) Awu, semua kamu meninggalkan kami sini ani. Agatahhh!

    Hahaha, emosi ku pulang! :P

  3. Esemennn… apa course ia buat n brapa lama?

  4. Menyambung course tu. I’m sure there’s a proper name for it, tapi aku inda tau. Hehe. She’ll be gone an academic year, at most.

  5. Elevator love is a great song. SHould see a mosh pit of 300 pumping the air as they sing it. When there was not supposed to be a mosh pit (the security guys just couldn’t hold them back!) EVERYBODY yelling this out.

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