I have somewhat injured myself during netball. I got my foot stomped on, nearly twisted my ankle — out of my own accord, and when I got home and sat in front of the laptop, I realized that a small piece of my skin on my forearm isn’t there. Must be from one of the collisions I had with the opposing team.

As someone who hasn’t played in months, I was rusty. I couldn’t catch the ball properly and I was out of breath 15 minutes into the game.

With the MRS coming up this 24th, I have to lose weight. At least to look good in my newly-bought dress. Yes! I have a dress! Which I bought in — wait for it — BRUNEI! Wow. Tina in a dress. Who would’ve thunk it. Anyway.. I have been meaning to put up a few pictures recently, and here they are.

These first three pictures aren’t random, I went to Izzah’s place to have pavlova (of Pablo’s, they told me.) Okay, not really, she’s leaving for Brunei soon and you can guess the other details.


Me and Manz, The Lazy Turtle!


Me and Miss Izzah — one half of Izzerstastic. ;)


This is just me, enjoying Pablo’s pavlova. (Like, seriously enjoying it. I had three helpings while Manz had four. Haha.)

Now, let’s get a bit random. Someone’s asked to see how my bed looks like (won’t tell you who it is because I’m nice like that) and here it is. And I’ve even changed my sheets for you. There are new, mind. And they look better than they look in this picture. (That’s just because I think it looks like crap in here.)


I still have some leftover candy bars and jelly beans from Candy Empire, and I told myself that I will not finish them in one day. WILL. NOT. Anyway. I’m loving the Mars balls (no picture), but I don’t like this next one. Have you ever had kacang tutuk? You know, those in wrappers? Yea, imagine the sweetest of kacang tutuk and coat it with chocolate. Nestlé‘s Butterfinger is what you get.


Have you stepped into Pilihan on air studio before? Meet the computer with Internet access, the computer where MCR (not to be confused with My Chemical Romance) leaves you love notes [not], the microphone, the studio console and the TV’s remote. There are two other snazzy-looking monitors on the right side (this is on the left, just in case you needed directions), which tells you the songs that are playing. Also, some CD and DAT players that I couldn’t be bothered to take a picture of. (This image was inspired by DJ Zanna’s photographic skills of the OA studio. Hehe.)


Lastly.. Here’s my Snowby bidding you goodbye.


(Some of the poor thing’s fur had to be cut/shaved because it got all tangled. — I don’t know how to take care of my cat! :( )

American Idol top 8 girls’ post coming up! (Mom says they were brilliant.)


8 responses to “Ye-ouch.

  1. Serial Blog Commenter


    Damn girl, you shrunk… you’re the one in the pink tudung right? Heh, ok… I keed, I keed.

    Nyaman tah pavlova Pablo? Now there’s a real tongue twister. Say it fast ten times.

    Wow, so that’s how Pilihan looks like eh? Muahaha. A bit different from how I recalled it but it looks better so that’s always a plus.

    Also, those sheets? Girl, you know I love you but those sheets looks like those henna patterns. And me no likey henna. Very artistic but me thinks look very… unhygenic.

    Alrighty. WHERE’S THE GIRLS’ REVIEW? Lambat eh.

    p.s. – I used to love Butterfingers. I think the closest substitute to it is Crunchie (is that what it’s called? The one in the gold foil) but Crunchie is not as flaky as Butterfingers. Yes, I’m a fat slob!

    p.p.s. – So that’s how the other half of Izzertastic looks like. Ewwww, glad at least there’s one good looking one on that blog. That’s me, by the way.

  2. LOL dang, don’t worry, welcome to the “I-HAVE-TO-CUT-MY-CAT’S-FUR- BECAUSE-IT-IS-TOO-DAMN-LONG CLUB” man, i’ve had my share of all this cutting of fur. when the kitties maseh damit (the long haired ones) they used to get POO on the area hampir their bum bum… kali we have to TRIM their bum bum fur too!!!! freaking hell… hahahaha!!!! like one of my sisters hold, and snip snip!!!and pernah we have to SHAVE off a substantial amount of fur from one of the cats because iya bemain with tin yang glue kasut.. the tin gugur and perancit on her. so had to shave off parts yang kena pasal iya cranky. haha cali. EH BECERITA KU DANG! wohaha!

  3. Just brought my cat to the vet because he had bumps on his neck and body which we initially thought was cancer. Apparently the vet cakap bisul pun bukan it’s his fur tangled up. Hrhr.

  4. SBC, baie eh, AKU JUA TU IN THE PINK TUDONG! Haha, nada wah. Pavlova Pablo nyaman berabis!! Unhygienic? Haha, that’s a way to look at it. I’ve got two more new sheets, see if anyone else likes them, hahaha. The girls’ review was up by the time you left a comment!

    And you used to like Butterfingers? Gila, MANIS kali ah!

    Maurina, that’s one long paragraph about your cat! Haha. Atu gila, glue kasut? It’s a hassle to cut their fur. Sigh.

    War, hahaha, bari ijap kan? And then in the end it’s just their fur tangling up with itself. LOL.

  5. SBC you suck. and ugly too.

  6. Khusyuknya aku makan pavlova. Hahaha!

  7. Hahaha, you sort of look like, “Oooh, let me get this piece right here..”

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