Can’t wait!

Whoa. The blog that I linked in my previous top 8 boys’ song list has got a lot of spoilers for us who are a bit behind in American Idol. I’ve just finished reading the top 8 girls’ review. I’m looking forward to the girls’ performances because their song choices look very appealing!

For those who don’t want to know what they’re going to sing, then stop here. (In other words, I’m going to put up some sort of a spoiler.) And to keep you in suspense, I’ll just put up the songs, and not who sang it. Yea? No? Whatever. It’s my blog, I do what I want to do. :P


  1. Put Your Records On (a Corinne Bailey Rae song)
  2. Don’t Let Go (Love) (an En Vogue song)
  3. Sweet Baby (hopefully, a Macy Gray song)
  4. Call Me When You’re Sober (an Evanescence song)

Okay, those are the ones I’m looking forward to, and the others.. well, we’ll just see. That Sweet Baby song, I hope it’s the song by Macy Gray, but even Sonya wasn’t sure. So, I’m definitely looking forward to the top 8 girls tonight!

There’s a big possibility that I’m going to catch the re-run instead of the live from satellite slot because I’ll be playing netball with the girls. I’ve been utterly busy with things that I don’t want to be busy with. You know, the things that you’d rather put off to the last minute but just can’t? Yea, those. But I’m going this afternoon, so yeay!

Oh! I was out with my girls yesterday, stopping over at Hokko in Kiarong, and guess who was in the car right in front of mine? The fabulous Mamalobengs! She was waving at me, and I didn’t realize it at first because that’s just the way I am, almost always oblivious to my surroundings. My friends then mentioned about a lady who’s waving frantically towards us. And I thought it was my aunt (with, possibly, a new car) because the plate number looked so familiar! Sekali rupanya Mamalobengs! We headed to the same place, apparently, haha. It was nice to see her pretty face again. Cute muka Mamalobengs ani. Hehe.

I’m going to take a time-out. Will post up a few entries later tonight.


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