The sixth top eight boys

What a disappointing night. I missed Blake Lewis’ and Sanjaya Malakar’s performances because I was out with my girls, but I managed the other six performances. I have to say it again: it was disappointing.

When I turned on the telly, Ryan Seacrest was standing next to Sanjaya, and boy, was I shocked to see Sanjaya’s hairdo! Straight is better for him, I think. Haha.

I have a feeling that this week’s “review” is going to be sekubit, as we Bruneian Malays say it. In other words, there aren’t going to be a lot. :P

Most of the performances bored me, and that includes Sundance Head’s, Brandon Rogers’ (I think it’s the song), and Chris Sligh’s. So nothing much on them tonight.

Chris Richardson was all right albeit a bit safe. I loved Jared Cotter’s air time! The judges didn’t like it, but I did. It made me feel good and not get bored halfway through the song.

Phil Stacey sounded like Cher at first. And that’s not exactly a bad thing — if you’re a woman. But then again, he was singing a LeAnn Rimes number, so I’m not sure where he stands at the moment. The hat has to go, it squashed his ears at some point.

Hands up those who think Chris Sligh should stop talking back? *raises hand* I guess it’s okay for him to say a few words after all the three judges have had a say, but not when the number’s not up. He’s starting to remind me of Bill O’Reilly. Definitely not a big fan. Serious.

So the numbers were shown, and a small recap, and I think Blake’s song was exciting. (I’m too lazy to watch the re-run.) Did he sang a reggae song? Or ska? (There is a difference between the two, right? Hehe.) But he’s a shoo-in to the top 12, in my opinion.

I want to see Sanjaya sing, though. He sang a John Mayer, Waiting On The World To Change. Or maybe not. I mean, see his performance, because he might ruin the song for me. But it looks mighty boring (what else is new?) I hope he’s not going to get into the top 12. He’s not good enough.

That’s it. Scoot.

Added: I watched the re-run because I found myself with nothing to do. So here’s the rest of the “review”.

Blake’s performance was brilliant! Week after week, he’s proven himself to be worthy of my top 5 this season. Loved it! (And it was 311, nonetheless.)

Sanjaya’s performance? Hah. He should be home this week. No chance he’d make it to the top 12. But like I said, his hair is better. He should stick to that kind of style. Messy doesn’t suit him.

Here’s a list of what they sang last night (via ledgeridol):

  • Blake Lewis: “All Mixed Up”
  • Brandon Rogers: “I Just Want To Celebrate”
  • Chris Richardson: “I’m Not Gonna Cry”
  • Chris Sligh: “We All Want To Be Loved”
  • Jared Cotter: “If You Really Love Me (Won’t You Tell Me)”
  • Phil Stacey: “I Need You”
  • Sanjaya Malakar: “Waiting On The World To Change”
  • Sundance Head: “Jeremy”

8 responses to “The sixth top eight boys

  1. Serial Blog Commenter


    I knew I could count on you (not always though) for a recap of AI.

    Boy, you sure had a mouthful for someone who found the show ‘bland’ eh? I thought this week was a snoozefest.

    It’s always at this stage of the competition that I get AI-fatigue. I don’t really care who stays or goes but my interest is renewed on or about the Top 8.

    That’s it for now, heh.


  2. Hahaha, I didn’t realize it was a lot after I’d typed it all out. I thought it’d be a bit short this week, but apparently not. It’s getting a bit too boring with the boys this time. I hope the girls will bring something good to the table.

  3. It’s definitely ska. :P

    Chris Sligh is annoying. Enough said.

  4. Blake was wonderful! I love him hehe :)

  5. Actually it can be a bit of reggae too. That’s what I would put 311 under. Ska/reggae.

    Apakan aku ah. Hehe. Mind, my first comment here was made at 3am heh.

  6. War, Chris Sligh shouldn’t be in top 10! Haha, jahat. But I don’t like him much. Haha, if I remember correctly, 311 used to be rock, no? Or did I make a mistake? Hehe.

    Sha, he is the best among the boys, in my opinion. Hee.

  7. I used to listen to 311 when I was a teenager and my uncle criticized it when it was blaring out off my hi-fi. He loves rock. But I always thought they sounded rock-ish. Hehe. They’re definitely a ska band though. Tu majal lagi haha. :P

  8. Haha, awu, War, ska tu dorang ah.

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