The entry where I talk about my first time watching a movie on my own. Three, actually.

Today was the day I did the movie marathon at The Mall Cineplex in Gadong. My first time watching three movies in one go at the cinema. On my own. Also a first. (It’s a day of two firsts!) I felt sort of weird-excited at one point, but the first movie I had in line was Dreamgirls. The movie wasn’t so bad, but it’s not one of my favourites. There were only four other people in the cinema, a pair of boyfriend-girlfriend (I’m tempted to use lovers, but it sounds so steamy), and two other people who were watching the movie on their own. And they were both men.

I felt, okay, this is all right. And then.. it got cold. I usually have someone beside me so that I can have a bit of their body warmth. But right then, the only thing I had was a wall (I sat at the far end) and my bag sitting on an empty seat. That was one of the cons, I guess. (Or maybe I should have worn a long-sleeved top or brought a light jacket, haha.)

Another one would have to be the fact that I had no one to laugh with? (It’s not really a question, but I’m just writing as if I’m talking, because the tone I’m using is as if I’m asking a question. That’s not the point.) Anyway. I love sharing a good laugh. I’m a sharer, okay? :P

Anyway. After I watched Dreamgirls, I wanted to take the lift down to the ground floor because I needed the cash out of the ATM when someone yelled out my name from the food court. I found out it was Liz and Qil and their boyfriends and their boyfriends’ brother. Yea, go figure that puzzle out. So I sat down with them after I got cash and ate for a bit. They were a bit puzzled as to why I was watching THREE movies on my own. I resisted the temptation to ask them to join me. Haha.

Back to the movies I watched.. Up next was Epic Movie. I knew it was a parody of a number of epic movies, but.. it didn’t deliver. It was the typical parody that couldn’t make me laugh. I mean, this coming from someone who laughed at Not Another Teen Movie. Come on. So that was not good, I said, “Oh. I could’ve watched something else with all these free time!”

And the cinema was quarter-full with people who couldn’t pipe down. I’m much of a meek person when I have no one with me, I found out. I didn’t have the sort of courage I have to shush people as opposed to when I have someone with me. But whatever, I just needed to keep myself warm.

When the movie ended, I had an hour (!!) break in between, so I said to myself, I can’t just walk around and do nothing, I’ll bore myself to death. I mean, seriously, it was The Mall. There is no such thing as window shopping. So I got myself a basic manicure, the nails were getting too long and icky for my liking. So that was around half an hour of my time.. I spent fifteen minutes getting myself snacks, withdrawing more money and a bathroom break. I only spent ten minutes waiting as I walked into the cinema five minutes before the movie, Music & Lyrics.

I have to say, thank God for Music & Lyrics. It literally saved the day. I was feeling bummed out that the first two movies didn’t wow me much at all. Music & Lyrics was a breath of fresh air. I loved every single bit of it. The songs, the humour.. I even thought Sophie Fisher (played by Drew Barrymore) had a nice wardrobe! I so want her style, I don’t know why. I’ve never wanted anyone’s styles before. Weird.

But yea. I loved Music & Lyrics, and if you don’t want me to spoil it, watch it. If it’s no longer listed in the local cinemas, then get it on DVD. I don’t know about you, but I needed something like that after watching Dreamgirls and Epic Movie.

Movies I need to watch next: 300 (really need to catch this one with the boyfriend or not at all), Wild Hogs and Hot Fuzz. And maybe throw in Bean’s Holiday. Or whatever the title of the movie is. LOL.

Well. That was my movie marathon. Can’t quite see the pros just yet.. It didn’t make much of a difference, it’s just like watching a movie on your own at home but it’s in the confines of.. a cinema. Yea. It was good.

My day, however, started very rough. I woke up this morning throwing up whatever contents I have in my stomach. It didn’t hurt but it wasn’t pleasant. I slept it off and woke up again three hours later. I guess I was too determined to carry out this movie marathon, haha. I did have a pulsating headache last night. I’m guessing it was because of the crying I did last night. I was watching the video in my previous post and cried my eyeballs out.

So, like I said, if you have an hour and fourteen minutes to spare, then watch it. It’ll make you have a different perspective. It’s much more different than watching videos of people suffering from famine. It’s much more different than watching natural disasters wiping out houses. I’m not saying they don’t matter, but the video I posted up from YouTube would stand out from what the media have been showing so far. It really is heartbreaking that people would do such a thing to children and women. Just people in general.

I’m so scared I’m going to cry again or something.


3 responses to “The entry where I talk about my first time watching a movie on my own. Three, actually.

  1. Wow gal… really have to salute you for being that brave…. I’ve ever thought of watching movies at the cinemas alone but i never have the courage to try yet… yea, epic movie ain’t good at all..i watched it today, really regret watching it :)

  2. I do enjoy watching movies on my own.. It’s therapeutic. But I haven’t had a chance to watch a movie by myself for the longest time..

  3. Marilyn, haha, thanks! It isn’t so hard when there aren’t so many people. Epic Movie made me regret watching it at the cinema too. :(

    Sha, it is indeed! You should just go whenever you really need it, I’m thinking. Not when you have friends in abundance. Friends who have nothing to do, just like you. Haha. Being a bum is nice sometimes. ;P

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