Movie marathon?

You know.. I’m planning on doing a movie marathon at the cinema on my own. I haven’t done anything on my own, ever, except for getting application forms done, and paying bills, and whatnot. But I’ve never done something fun on my own. I haven’t dined by myself, let alone watch a movie..

And I’ve now decided to watch three movies at the cinema in one go. Proposed movies, in order: Dreamgirls, Epic Movie, Music & Lyrics.

Sorry, I’m not extending any invitations.


Added: I’ve booked my tickets! Three movies for B$12 on Monday. I’m nervous.


8 responses to “Movie marathon?

  1. Aw… I wish I have the courage to do the same.

    I’m a loner at times just feel ‘not syok’ when you’re not having someone beside you to discuss or gossip about the scenes or actors/actresses.

  2. Serial Blog Commenter

    SECOND!!! (apakan)

    Erm, I finally watched Dreamgirls. It was long. And erm, there was a lot of singing. I know it’s a musical but you know, just saying.

    As for the other two, haven’t watched them so no comments. But I would like to catch Music & Lyrics for some odd reason. Maybe it’s because I want to see Hugh Grant in a different role. HAHAHAHAA


  3. I used to watch movies on my own on Saturday mornings when I was in boarding school. I was surrounded by people from school 24/7, I needed some ‘me’ time. It was fun, so I hope you have fun too. :)

  4. Nonnie, I haven’t actually got the courage, but I feel like doing something that I haven’t done, ever. So.. let’s see if I follow through with this plan. Hehe.

    SBC, are you hinting that you want to watch Music & Lyrics with me or something? Because you can’t. Hahaha. I’m definitely doing this “on my own” thing. It’s insanely nervewrecking, I don’t know why.

    Dee, thank you so much! :) I hope I’m going to have a lot of fun, considering I’m not a big fan of myself, hehe. ;)

  5. i used to watch movies by myself all the time when i was in uk! there’s nothing better than alone time =)

  6. Wow. Good luck with that! :D If it were me I’d watch Dreamgirls last ’cause I think it will somehow be draining to watch the other two after that type of movie. Anyway, I’m sure you’ll have fun. =)

  7. Serial Blog Commenter


    Talk about being thick skinned. Nobody wants to watch anything with you, EVER!

    Btw, I need to talk to you about something. Cam mana ah?


  8. Di, many people have said that, even on radio, and I do hope you (and they) are right. :)

    War, thanks! Haha, I have less than an hour break in between these movies, so I think I’ll take that break to recoup. Hehe.

    SBC, puh-lease! You are just in denial. People love having me at the cinema with them~ Anyway, you can e-mail me at euginix(@)! Remove the parentheses lah ah.

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