Who got the boot?

Unbelievably, they weren’t the four to have the lowest votes, as I predicted. I got one out of four correct, though.

(Warning: American Idol 6 spoilers ahead.)

I can’t believe Antonella Barba is still in the competition. Her rendition of Celine Dion’s Because You Loved Me was below par, I thought it was a no-brainer that she’d be out by this week. Apparently she’s got more votes than she deserved. Or maybe she’s getting somewhere with those not so innocent pictures on the Internet.

And Sanjaya Malakar! What is he still doing there? I mean, seriously. He hasn’t done well in both his performances so far and he’s still in it? Seriously?

Like I said in my last girls’ review post, I knew Alaina Alexander wasn’t going to make it, but she deserved to be in the competition more than Antonella did. Antonella should go home next week if she still doesn’t do well.

Nick Pedro, the one who didn’t get much from me, went home as well. Him and A.J. Tabaldo. I didn’t expect A.J. to go home, though, I was convinced that it would be Sanjaya.

Hopefully, next week, Americans wouldn’t make the same mistake by letting Antonella and Sanjaya stay.

Next week’s prediction: Sanjaya Malakar, Phil Stacey, Antonella Barba and Gina Glocksen.


4 responses to “Who got the boot?

  1. Serial Blog Commenter



    I think the best way to put this into context is that none of the four voted out would have won American Idol. So regardless of now or later, it was just a matter of time.

    Deep, eh? Who knew. Not that I care since I can’t sing. Speaking of which, I’m going for karaoke session tomorrow! And I’m determined to score another 100%.


  2. Haha, yep. Very deep. Is that the deepest you can go, though? Haha. :P

    Who do you think will be out next week?

    Please tell me you’re going to have a karaoke session in a sound-proof box/room! ;)

  3. hehehe im waiting for re-runs.. cos im always out wednesday nite n thursday nite nowadays.. so i dont mind the spoilers babe.. hehehe

  4. Haha, okay, at least I’ve already warned my readers. :D

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