Ten boys..

So I finally watched it. It being last night’s American Idol. I was waiting for performances by Jared Cotter, Blake Lewis, Chris Richardson and Brandon Rogers. I ended up missing Jared Cotter’s performance because my neighbour came by and wanted to borrow some DVDs and some novels. If SBC hadn’t called me last night telling me how brilliant Chris was with his rendition of Geek In The Pink, I wouldn’t be waiting for his performance since he failed miserably last week, but hey, I waited patiently for his turn. Eseh.

This week was dedications week, where the boys dedicated their performances to those who inspire them the most.

Well. I think it’s still a bit the same as last week, but a few of the boys are getting better. Phil Stacey still starts badly, and does anyone notice that this guy’s body is pear-shaped? LOL. Weird observation, but he’s wider at the hips, I reckon. Another observation, I think A.J. Tabaldo’s dad, in the old picture, looked like Ray Romano. Hahaha. A.J.’s performance tonight was smooth, but he never made much of an impact on me. He’s always forgotten and in the background somewhat.

One word for Sanjaya Malakar’s performance: boring. Looking at the bright side, at least his hair’s not in the way last night.

Okay, on to more exciting performances! Blake Lewis! Oh wow, I loved it. I loved his beat-boxing, his voice was great.. overall, I was entertained with his performance, and I hope he makes it to the top 5, at least. In my opinion, his performance beat Chris Richardson, whom did great, but I’m thinking that he’d do better with a Timberlake song. Don’t you think? Chris was brilliant, though, so good on him.

Brandon Rogers.. sweet, Brandon. I disagreed with Jackson and Cowell, I think he did great. I don’t know about you, but he certainly moved me. I had tears in my eyes by the time he was done! (Palui, menangis ku pulang.)

It was funny when Cowell said, “I love grandmas.” LOL.

The sweetest and most moving dedication was Sundance Head’s, to his son. I realized that the last few contestants had really sweet dedications and whatnot. Sundance’s performance was all right, I think it showed his vocal abilities more this week. Last week was.. eurgh.

The ones that did not get anything from me was Nick Pedro. I went all, “Huh?” I can’t believe that his performance was all there was to it. Oh well, we’ll see if he’s staying.

Here’s a list of what they sang last night (via AI News Blog):

  • A.J. Tabaldo: “Feelin’ Good”
  • Blake Lewis:  “Virtual Insanity”
  • Brandon Rogers:  “Time After Time”
  • Chris Richardson:  “Geek In The Pink”
  • Chris Sligh:  “Trouble”
  • Jared Cotter:  “Let’s Get It On”
  • Nicholas Pedro:  “Fever”
  • Phil Stacey:  “Missing You”
  • Sanjaya Malakar:  “Steppin’ Out With My Baby”
  • Sundance Head:  “Mustang Sally”

So who do you think is going to be eliminated on tomorrow night? I reckon Sanjaya should be one of the two boys getting the boot. But who knows. Would love feedback.

Update again later tonight, with the girls’ performances. Stay tuned.


6 responses to “Ten boys..

  1. Serial Blog Commenter


    About time. And tonight, the girls do it. So I’m expecting a post like again tonight.

    I cringed when I saw Sanjaya on stage. Really, I did. It was that bad.

    Don’t see the Blake love. As Randy would say, it was ‘pitchy’.

    Aight. Laters.

  2. Just wait for it. ;)

    Neither did the boyfriend. Said he doesn’t like Blake. I thought it was pretty good.

  3. i absolutely love jay kay, but i thought blake ruined the song..

    i think for sure, sanjaya will go..

  4. Hi Tina…

    aku suka Chris Sligh and Blake Lewis.. yang lain? mati lah jawapannya. haha.. seriously, aku inda suka lagu durang semua… I never like lagu yang arah idol.. haha. tapi, those 2 fun to watch lah.

  5. I want Sanjaya out, bida ia punya performance ah. I liked Blake and Chris but Geek in the Pink to Grandma? LOL!. I’m looking forward to the girls’ show later. Oh, and apparently there’s been some scandal going on with Antonella Barba. My sister, Fe, only told me about it last night. Click.

  6. I want Sanjaya out too! He was good in his first audition, but after that, he just disappoints.

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