.. and ten girls

If you haven’t watched the girls’ turn on the second round of American Idol, then I advise you to stop reading here. They aren’t exactly spoilers, but hey. Just an advanced warning.

Anyway. Let’s get a few petty things out of the way. Antonella Barba sucked, big time. I mean, what the hell was that? Why is she even still in AI? Pfft. I’m thinking she’s going home tomorrow. (And Manz just told me about this. Juicy.)

Alaina Alexander didn’t deliver either. Singing a Dixie Chicks song that won a Grammy, and she thinks she can sing it like that? Not good enough. I think the beginning was fine, but it got weird. Better than last week, though, and if Americans gave her another chance, she might just go home next week.

Gina Glocksen was better last week than tonight. It was so-so. Sabrina Sloan had the same effect on me, I felt nothing. She has a powerful voice, but her performance was boring and the ending! Oh my, the ending was an ouch, in my opinion. The ending wasn’t good at all. Haley Scarnato, the one singing a Whitney, was okay in the beginning.. Reminded me of The Bodyguard (well, duh, Whitney sung that song on stage.) Halfway through, Haley started to fade and go down.

Another girl who I think should go home this week is Leslie Hunt. She was the first contestant that made me go, “Meh.” I never go meh. Serious. Her scatting caught my attention though, but in a bad way. It didn’t work at all. Simon Cowell was funny when he made fun of Paula and Leslie’s scatting. I also agree with Cowell, I think her performance was right after a few of the powerful contestants’ performances, and in contrast, Leslie’s performance sucked.

Onto better performances..

LaKisha Jones, one of my favourites, didn’t do so well. I believed she did better last week. Tonight, she was a little weak, but I think she’s going to go far. (And that was a SHORT short skirt.) Stephanie Edwards was too much like Beyonce (which is somewhat good), but she didn’t sound like Beyonce at all when she tries to hit one of the high notes. With the exception of the high note right at the end.

Melinda Doolittle was brilliant, I think the fact that she’s s humble and sweet is just nice. Simply put, I think she should land a spot in the top 5 along with Blake Lewis. ;) Jordin Sparks was brilliant as well, I looooved her rendition of Reflection, and so kesian when she cried doing her dedications. Aww.

Here’s a list of what they sang last night (via AI News Blog):

  • Alaina Alexander: “Not Ready To Make Nice”
  • Antonella Barba: “Because You Loved Me”
  • Gina Glocksen: “Alone”
  • Haley Scarnato: “Queen Of The Night”
  • Jordin Sparks: “Reflection”
  • LaKisha Jones: “Midnight Train To Georgia”
  • Leslie Hunt: “Feelin’ Good”
  • Melinda Doolittle: “My Funny Valentine”
  • Sabrina Sloan: “All The Man That I Need”
  • Stephanie Edwards: “Dangerously In Love”

Personally, I think Alaina and Antonella should go home this week.


2 responses to “.. and ten girls

  1. Serial Blog Commenter


    Haha, just wanted to make sure that you did post up your review. Not that I look forward to it or anything. Just saying.

    I think the girls were orrite. Nothing great, nothing bad. Antonella needs to stay, I’m hoping she does cause she’s da bomb!

    I’m going to say this right now for once and all, but Melinda is so damn ugly. She’s like a real life version of Betty Suarez (Ugly Betty) but only uglier. I like her but I just think she’s got her flared nostrils and all. Weird looking. But she’s a great singer. I guess she got compensated for looking like that.

    It’s a guy that’ll win it this year. Mark my words.

  2. Are you sure you’re not looking forward to it? Haha, I’m planning on doing something for tomorrow’s result show. Or maybe not. It depends on how tired I am tomorrow. Hehe.

    Awu! Melinda doesn’t have the looks, I have to admit. But she can certainly sing!

    It’s okay if it’s a guy, because I don’t mind all of them so far. But if Alaina or Antonella wins, I would mind very much. :P

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